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  81. Major Barbara - "Looking Again at the Sins of the Father"
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  84. Carnaval - "Sun, Fun And Trouble In Brazil"
  85. Lift - "They’re Trapped in an Elevator and in Life"
  86. The Maids’ The Maids - "Absurdism, Scrubbed and Domesticated"
  87. Buzz - "Pests in the Apartment, but No Ants in the Pants"
  88. Deliverance - "When Male Bonding Along a River Goes Brutally Wrong"
  89. brownsville song (b-side for tray) - "Determined Not to Live the Same Old Story"
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  102. Phoenix - "For 3rd Date, a Trip to an Abortion Clinic ..."
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  109. Living on Love (Williamstown) - "Out of Tune, and Seeking New Muses In ‘Livi..."
  110. The Qualification of Douglas Evans - "Drunk Self-Indulgence as the Stuff of Drama ..."
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  112. Enter At Forest Lawn - "Refugee From Sitcom Land, Guzzling a Bile Coc..."
  113. The Long Shrift - "Shutting the Door on His Past to Settle Into ..."
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  117. Gertrude Stein Saints! - "Following in a Writer’s Rhythms ‘Gertrude..."
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  120. A Fable - "Will Jonny Be Good? Hell and Heaven Wager ..."
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  122. Fast Company - "Honesty Is Not the Family Policy - ‘Fast Co..."
  123. Chang in a Void Moon - "A Wild Ride Returns. Confused? | ‘Chang in ..."
  124. Greed: A Musical for Our Times - "Attuned to the Money | ‘Greed: A Musical fo..."
  125. The Mystery of Irma Vep - "Mummy Dearest, Back for More | ‘The Mystery..."
  126. Our God’s Brother - "A Polish Painter Reconsiders His Calling ‘O..."
  127. The Mysteries - "An Abridged Version of an Age-Old Story, With..."
  128. The World Is Round - "Dancing Gertrude Stein, Surrounded by Wonders..."
  129. The Ugly One - "The Ugly One Looks Good"
  130. Botanica - "Botanica: Jim Findlay's Hothouse"
  131. The Lapsburgh Layover - "The Lapsburgh Layover's Trippy Theater"
  132. I'm Going To Make A Small Incision Behind Your Ear to Check and See IF You're Actually Human - "Witness Relocation's ETs Want Booze"
  133. Vision Disturbance - "Richard Maxwell Directs Another Writer's Play"