March 20, 2015

Ever had a leaky faucet? Or a clogged drain? Cory Finley’s “The Feast” at the Flea is the sort of play to make you grateful for such mundane plumbing problems. Matt’s wonky W.C. is a whole lot eerier. Screams and groans emanate from deep within his toilet. “Like a man, tied up down there,” a plumber (Donaldo Prescod) explains. “Water streaming over his mouth. All day. Not quite a human. Almost like a dying whale. Full of sorrow. Like it was whispering the experience of its own slow death into your ear.” Is there a Roto-Rooter in the house? (That the Flea’s downstairs space adjoins its musty lavatories makes the production practically site-specific.) Maybe Matt (Ivan Dolido), a painter of postcard-size canvases, is truly harassed by a haunted commode. Or maybe relationship troubles and creative stagnation have triggered a psychotic break. Or maybe the screams in the toilet are some sort of vaguely unsanitary metaphor.