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  2. Bad Cinderella - "‘Bad Cinderella’ Review: The Title Warned Us"
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  4. Parade - "Review: A Pageant of Love and Antisemitism, in ‘Parade’"
  5. A Doll's House - "Review: Jessica Chastain Plots an Escape From..."
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  7. Between Riverside and Crazy - "Review: In ‘Between Riverside and Crazy,’..."
  8. Some Like It Hot - "Review: In ‘Some Like It Hot,’ an Invitation to Liberation"
  9. Ohio State Murders - "Review: Who Committed the ‘Ohio State Murders’? Who Didn’t?"
  10. KPOP - "Review: In ‘KPOP,’ Korean Pop and Broadway Meet (Too) Cute"
  11. & Juliet - "On Broadway, ‘& Juliet’ (& Britney & Katy & Pink)"
  12. Kimberly Akimbo - "Review: ‘Kimberly Akimbo,’ Both Great and..."
  13. Almost Famous - "Review: In ‘Almost Famous,’ the Heart of ..."
  14. Topdog/Underdog - "Review: In ‘Topdog/Underdog,’ Staying Ali..."
  15. Death of a Salesman - "In a New ‘Salesman,’ the Lomans Look Like All of Us"
  16. 1776 - "Review: ‘1776,’ When All Men, and Only Me..."
  17. Leopoldstadt - "Review: In Stoppard’s ‘Leopoldstadt,’ a..."
  18. The Bedwetter - "Review: Sarah Silverman’s ‘Bedwetter’ M..."
  19. Macbeth - "Review: In a New ‘Macbeth,’ Something Wonky This Way Comes"
  20. POTUS: Or, Behind Every Great Dumbass are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive - "Review: In a Gleeful ‘POTUS,’ White House Enablers Gone Wild"
  21. Funny Girl - "Review: Broadway’s First ‘Funny Girl’ R..."
  22. Hangmen - "Review: ‘Hangmen,’ Offering the Last Word in Gallows Humor"
  23. The Minutes - "Review: ‘The Minutes,’ an Official History of American Horror"
  24. American Buffalo - "Review: In ‘American Buffalo,’ Grift Is the Coin of the Realm"
  25. Take Me Out - "Review: In ‘Take Me Out,’ Whose Team Are You On?"
  26. Paradise Square - "Review: In ‘Paradise Square,’ Racial Harmony Turns to Discord"
  27. Plaza Suite - "Review: In ‘Plaza Suite,’ the Ghosts of #..."
  28. English - "Review: Learning ‘English,’ When Your Acc..."
  29. The Music Man - "Review: Even With Hugh Jackman, ‘The Music Man’ Goes Flat"
  30. MJ the Musical - "Review: In ‘MJ,’ No One’s Looking at the Man in the Mirror"
  31. Skeleton Crew - "Review: In ‘Skeleton Crew,’ Making Quick Work of Hard Labor"
  32. Flying Over Sunset - "Review: In ‘Flying Over Sunset,’ Getting High With the Stars"
  33. Company - "Review: In a Gender-Flipped Revival, ‘Company’ Loves Misery"
  34. Clyde's - "‘Clyde’s’ Review: Sometimes a Hero Is M..."
  35. Trouble in Mind - "Review: ‘Trouble in Mind,’ 66 Years Late and Still On Time"
  36. Diana, The Musical - "‘Diana, the Musical’ Review: Exploiting t..."
  37. Caroline, or Change - "Review: ‘Caroline, or Change’ Makes Histo..."
  38. Dana H. - "Review: In the Disturbing ‘Dana H.,’ Whos..."
  39. Is This a Room - "‘Is This a Room’ Review: A Transcript Bec..."
  40. Chicken & Biscuits - "Review: In ‘Chicken & Biscuits,’ a Sweet ..."
  41. Six - "Review: In ‘Six,’ All the Tudor Ladies Got Talent"
  42. Pass Over - "Review: ‘Pass Over’ Comes to Broadway, in Horror and Hope"
  43. Grand Horizons - "Review: In ‘Grand Horizons,’ Marriage Is a Long-Running Farce"
  44. A Soldier's Play - "Review: In ‘A Soldier’s Play,’ an Endle..."
  45. Jagged Little Pill - "Review: With ‘Jagged Little Pill,’ They F..."
  46. TINA, The Tina Turner Musical - "Review: The ‘Tina’ Musical Is One Inch Deep, Mountain High"
  47. The Sound Inside - "Review: Mary-Louise Parker in the Subliminal,..."
  48. The Lightning Thief - "Review: ‘The Lightning Thief,’ a Far Cry From Olympus"
  49. Slave Play - "Review: ‘Slave Play,’ Four Times as Big and Just as Searing"
  50. The Great Society - "Review: In ‘The Great Society,’ Another P..."
  51. The Height of the Storm - "Review: In ‘The Height of the Storm,’ Two Stars and an Enigma"
  52. Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune - "Review: ‘Frankie and Johnny’ Were Lovers. Then Came Morning."
  53. Tootsie - "Review: ‘Tootsie,’ a Musical Comedy That ..."
  54. All My Sons - "Review: Arthur Miller’s ‘All My Sons,’ ..."
  55. Gary: A Sequel to Titus Andronicus - "Review: Taylor Mac’s ‘Gary’ Finds Hope ..."
  56. Hadestown - "Review: The Metamorphosis of ‘Hadestown,’..."
  57. What the Constitution Means to Me - "Review: Can a Play Make the Constitution Great Again?"
  58. Kiss Me, Kate - "Review: A Fair Fight Makes 'Kiss Me, Kate' Lovable Again"
  59. Choir Boy - "Review: Raising a Joyful New Voice in Tarell ..."
  60. To Kill a Mockingbird - "Review: A Broadway ‘Mockingbird,’ Elegiac and Effective"
  61. The Cher Show - "Review: In ‘The Cher Show,’ I Got You, Ba..."
  62. The Prom - "‘The Prom’ Review: Bringing Jazz Hands to the Heartland"
  63. American Son - "Review: ‘American Son’ Puts Kerry Washing..."
  64. Bernhardt / Hamlet - "What’s a Woman’s Role? All of ’Em, ‘B..."
  65. The Lifespan of a Fact - "A Three-Way Smackdown Over ‘The Lifespan of a Fact’"
  66. Gettin' The Band Back Together - "Familiar Rock Dreams in ‘Gettin’ the Band Back Together’"
  67. Jesse Green - "Review: Familiar Rock Dreams in ‘Gettin’ ..."
  68. Straight White Men (2018) - "‘Straight White Men,’ Now Checking Their ..."
  69. Fall - "Putting Arthur Miller on Trial in 'Fall'"
  70. Light Shining in Buckinghamshire - "When the ‘Light Shining’ on Revolution Falters"
  71. Saint Joan - "Review: In Shaw's 'Saint Joan,' a Sane and Sensible Martyr"
  72. Summer: The Donna Summer Musical - "Review: Hot Stuff Turns Cold in ‘Summer: Th..."
  73. My Fair Lady - "Review: Whose ‘Fair Lady’? This Time, Eliza’s in Charge"
  74. Children of a Lesser God - "Review: Sound, or Silence? A Passionate Debat..."
  75. Miss You Like Hell - "On the Road With Mom in ‘Miss You Like Hell’"
  76. Bobbie Clearly - "Review: In ‘Bobbie Clearly,’ It’s Crime..."
  77. Three Tall Women - "Review: Glenda Jackson Gets Her Queen Lear Mo..."
  78. Frozen - "Review: ‘Frozen’ Hits Broadway With a Lit..."
  79. Escape to Margaritaville - "Review: ‘Escape to Margaritaville,’ Where..."
  80. The Amateurs - "Review: ‘The Amateurs’ Takes On God, Noah..."
  81. Hey, Look Me Over! - "An Anthology of B-List Broadway in ‘Hey, Look Me Over!’"
  82. In the Body of the World - "Eve Ensler Goes Deep ‘In the Body of the World’"
  83. Fire and Air - "An Impresario of ‘Fire and Air’ (if He Does Say So Himself)"
  84. Cardinal - "Anna Chlumsky and Adam Pally Paint the Town Red in ‘Cardinal’"
  85. Balls - "In ‘Balls,’ Billie Jean and Bobby Come Out Swinging"
  86. John Lithgow: Stories By Heart - "Review: Surprise Lessons From John Lithgow’..."
  87. The Children - "BROADWAY REVIEW: In ‘The Children,’ the W..."
  88. Today Is My Birthday - "In ‘Today Is My Birthday,’ Love Is a Butt Dial"
  89. A Room in India - "‘A Room in India’ Overflows With Astonishing Visions"
  90. Describe The Night - "Real Russians and Fake News in ‘Describe the Night’"
  91. Once On This Island - "BROADWAY REVIEW: ‘Once on This Island,’ Revived and Ravishing"
  92. The Parisian Woman - "Broadway Review: Uma Thurman, Trapped in Trum..."
  93. Meteor Shower - "Meteor Shower"
  94. The Mad Ones - "A Girl’s Kerouac Dreams Go Astray in ‘The Mad Ones’"
  95. Brigadoon - "A Brief ‘Brigadoon’ That’s Almost Like Falling in Love"
  96. Latin History For Morons - "Review: John Leguizamo Goes for Easy Laughs i..."
  97. Actually - "In ‘Actually,’ a Case of She Said, He Said and They Said"
  98. Uncommon Sense - "‘Uncommon Sense’ Looks at Life on the Autism Spectrum"
  99. Marcel + The Art of Laughter - "In a Double Bill of Physical Comedy, Laughter Is the Best Reflex"
  100. People, Places & Things - "The Horror Show of Rehab in ‘People, Places & Things’"
  101. Portuguese Kid - "Throwback ‘Portuguese Kid’ Will Do Anything for a Laugh"
  102. Jesus Hopped the "A" Train - "It’s Law vs. Order in ‘Jesus Hopped the “A” Train’"
  103. Springsteen on Broadway - "The Brilliant Disguises of ‘Springsteen on Broadway’"
  104. Time and the Conways - "The Future is Always Present in ‘Time and the Conways’"
  105. Too Heavy For Your Pocket - "In ‘Too Heavy for Your Pocket,’ Who Can Afford Civil Rights?"
  106. Breeders - "In ‘Breeders,’ Parenting as a (Literal) Cage Match"
  107. As You Like It (2017) - "An ‘As You Like It’ That Is More Prose Than Poetry"
  108. Mary Jane - "In ‘Mary Jane,’ a Young Mother Faces Her Worst Fears"
  109. Charm - "In ‘Charm,’ Challenges Emily Post Never Dreamed Of"
  110. Frozen - "A Darker ‘Frozen,’ With Glints of Ice and Murk"
  111. For Peter Pan on her 70th Birthday - "Reimagining ‘Peter Pan’ for the Lipitor Demographic"
  112. The Rape of the Sabine Women, by Grace B. Matthias - "Sexual Assault as Both History and Satire"
  113. The Terms of My Surrender - "Michael Moore, Bragging on Broadway, in ‘Th..."
  114. Really Rosie - "Really Rosie"
  115. A Parallelogram - "A Parallelogram"
  116. A Midsummer's Night Dream--The Public Theater - "A Midsummer's Night Dream--The Public Theater"
  117. Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin - "Bubbly Black Girl Sheds Her Chameleon Skin"
  118. While I Was Waiting - "While I Was Waiting"
  119. Assassins-City Center - "Assassins-City Center"
  120. Kim's Convenience - "Kim's Convenience"
  121. Marvin's Room - "In ‘Marvin’s Room,’ Who Will Care for the Caregiver?"
  122. Napoli, Brooklyn - "Napoli, Brooklyn"
  123. Measure for Measure-TFANA - "Measure for Measure-TFANA"
  124. The Traveling Lady- Cherry Lane - "The Traveling Lady-Cherry Lane"
  125. Julius Caesar- The Public - "Julius Caesar"
  126. Master - "Master"
  127. Cost of Living - "Cost of Living"
  128. The End of Longing - "The End of Longing"
  129. Heartbreak House-Hartford - "Heartbreak House"
  130. The Boy Who Danced On Air - "The Boy Who Danced On Air"
  131. Building The Wall - "Building The Wall"
  132. Can You Forgive Her? - "Can You Forgive Her?"
  133. Sojourners & Her Portmanteau - "For Africans in America, a Temporary Stay Becomes a New Life"
  134. The Marriage of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein - "Love, Genius and ‘The Marriage of Alice B. ..."
  135. Seven Spots on the Sun - "Review: Too Much Blame to Go Around in ‘Sev..."
  136. The Golden Apple - "A Game Effort at Polishing Up ‘The Golden Apple’"
  137. Pacific Overtures (CSC) - "‘Pacific Overtures’ Revival Is Bare Yet Flowering"
  138. Happy Days (2017) - "Dianne Wiest, Half-Buried and Heartbreaking, in ‘Happy Days’"
  139. Sunday In the Park with George (2017) - "Theater Review: Jake Gyllenhaal in Sunday in the Park With George"
  140. Cats - "Theater Review: The Persistence of “Memory,..."
  141. An Act of God (2016) - "Theater Review: A Second Act of God, Now With Sean Hayes"
  142. Shuffle Along - "Shuffle Along Is a Gorgeously Staged, Life-Changing Show"
  143. The Crucible - "Ivo van Hove's 'The Crucible' Heightens the V..."
  144. Bright Star - "Steve Martin and Edie Brickell’s 'Bright Star'"
  145. She Loves Me - "The Charms, Discreet and Otherwise, of the Ro..."
  146. Blackbird - "Michelle Williams and Jeff Daniels In a Superb 'Blackbird'"
  147. Disaster! - "'Disaster!' Is Predictable"
  148. Eclipsed - "The Public Opens 'Hungry' and Sends 'Eclipsed' Uptown"
  149. The Humans - "Theater Reviews: The Humans and Old Hats, Pol..."
  150. China Doll - "Pacino As a Stressed-Out Billionaire in David..."
  151. On Your Feet! - "At On Your Feet!, Is The Rhythm, In Fact, Gonna Get You?"
  152. Thérèse Raquin - "Keira Knightley Glows From Within In Thérèse Raquin"
  153. Dames at Sea - "Can Dames At Sea Work at Battleship Size?"
  154. Old Times - "Trying to Make Pinter's Old Times New Again"
  155. Hamilton - "Is Hamilton Even Better Than It Was?"
  156. An Act of God - "Does Jim Parsons, as God, Knock 'Em Dead?"
  157. Doctor Zhivago - "'Doctor Zhivago' Needs Intensive Care"
  158. Finding Neverland - "A Rough Takeoff for Finding Neverland"
  159. Hand to God - "Hypocrites and a Vicious Sock Puppet in 'Hand to God'"
  160. On the Twentieth Century - "A Little Engine Keeps On the Twentieth Century Moving"
  161. Hamilton - "Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton Is Worth Way More Than $10"
  162. Pretty Filthy - "Pretty Filthy Doesn't Make You Want to Stick ..."
  163. Lady, Be Good! - "Theater Review: At Encores!, Lady, Be Good!"
  164. Let the Right One In - "Trying to Smarten Up Vampire Romance, With Let the Right One In"
  165. Into the Woods - "Into the Newest Into the Woods"
  166. Allegro - "A Sped-Up, Slimmed-Down Allegro, With Momentum"
  167. Straight White Men - "Straight White Men Is Impressive (Not Oppressive)"
  168. The River - "Hugh Jackman’s Manly Charms Are on Display ..."
  169. The Band Wagon - "At Encores!, The Band Wagon Searches for Its Fred Astaire"
  170. Show Boat - "The Philharmonic’s Uneven Yet Dazzling Show Boat"
  171. The Oldest Boy - "Sarah Ruhl, Seeking Something New in The Oldest Boy"
  172. Father Comes Home From the Wars - "Theater Review: Father Comes Home From the Wars"
  173. Shakespeare's Sonnets - "Theater Review: Shakespeare’s Sonnets Turns Sourest"
  174. Tail! Spin! - "In Tail! Spin!, the Straight Lines Are the Funniest"
  175. Indian Ink - "Tom Stoppard's Indian Ink Still Leaves Marks"
  176. Scenes From a Marriage - "Theater Review: Scenes From a Marriage"
  177. Rock Bottom - "The Vulnerability Beneath Bridget Everett's Raunchy Rock Bottom"
  178. Bootycandy - "Bootycandy Loves Taking a Poke at Its Own Audience"
  179. Phoenix - "Has No One Associated With Phoenix Ever Seen a Play Before?"
  180. Sex with Strangers - "Theater Review: Sex With Strangers Has a Sitc..."
  181. Piece of My Heart - "Theater Review: Piece of My Heart Really Needed Some Brains"
  182. Atomic - "Atomic Ends Just the Way You’d Think, Only Worse"
  183. The Long Shrift - "James Franco’s The Long Shrift Never Seems to End"
  184. The Killer - "Theater Review: Ionesco’s The Killer Is Con..."
  185. The Village Bike - "Theater Review: Greta Gerwig Tries to Keep Th..."
  186. Much Ado About Nothing - "Theater Review: In the Park, a Much Ado About..."
  187. The City of Conversation - "Theater Review: The Chattering Classes Chatte..."
  188. Arrivals & Departures - "Theater Review: The Funny-Sad Complexity of A..."
  189. American Hero - "Theater Review: American Hero Doesn’t Deliver"
  190. Appropriate - "Theater Review: Appropriate Explains Too Much and Says Too Little"
  191. Tales from Red Vienna - "Theater Review: A Grim Tales From Red Vienna"
  192. If/Then - "Theater Review: In Duality and Doubt, If/Then..."
  193. Heathers The Musical - "Theater Review: What’s Your Damage, Heathers: The Musical?"
  194. The Most Happy Fella - "Theater Review: The Happy Return of The Most Happy Fella"
  195. The Library - "Theater Review: A School-Massacre Story on a ..."
  196. Orphans - "Theater Reviews: Orphans and Jekyll & Hyde"
  197. Jekyll & Hyde - "Theater Reviews: Orphans and Jekyll & Hyde"
  198. The Testament of Mary - "Theater Review: The Quite Contrary Testament of Mary"
  199. Macbeth LCT - "Ethan Hawke in a Batty Macbeth"
  200. The Commons of Pensacola - "Theater Reviews: Ethan Hawke in a Batty Macbe..."
  201. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner - "Theater Reviews: The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"
  202. Machinal - "Theater Review: The Roundabout's High-Powered Machinal"
  203. King Lear (BAM 2014) - "Theater Review: Kissing the Hand of Frank Langella, in King Lear"
  204. Intimacy - "Theater Review: Painful Intimacy"
  205. Queen of the Night - "Theater Review: Literally Flirting With the A..."
  206. Dinner With Friends - "Theater Review: A Satisfying Dinner With Friends"
  207. Love and Information - "Theater Review: Caryl Churchill and the Thin ..."
  208. A Doll's House - "Theater Review: A Doll’s House, Blessedly Un-Reinvented"
  209. Antony and Cleopatra - "Theater Review: A Fast-Moving Antony and Cleopatra"