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  1. Georgie: My Adventures with George Rose - "George Rose, From His Stage Life to His Unhappy End"
  2. Who’s Your Baghdaddy? - "‘Who’s Your Baghdaddy?,’ on the Differe..."
  3. Drop Dead Perfect - "‘Drop Dead Perfect,’ Winking Melodrama, R..."
  4. Unity (1918) - "In ‘Unity (1918),’ a Town Blindsided by Spanish Influenza"
  5. Delirium’s Daughters - "In ‘Delirium’s Daughters,’ Dad Wrestles..."
  6. Cagney - "‘Cagney,’ a Tribute to the Tough Guy Who Tapped"
  7. A Queen for a Day - "‘A Queen for a Day’ Excavates Crime Family Secrets"
  8. 8 Stops - "In ‘8 Stops,’ Finding Humor Amid Hardships"
  9. Underland - "Alexandra Collier’s ‘Underland’ Mines Rich Performances"
  10. C.O.A.L (Confessions of a Liar) - "‘C.O.A.L (Confessions of a Liar)’ Opens at 59E59 Theaters"
  11. Rap Guide to Religion - "‘Rap Guide to Religion’ Examines Why Humanity Created God"
  12. Titus Andronicus - "Don’t Ask the Royal Cook for Any Pie Recipes"
  13. Ham: A Musical Memoir - "Dreaming of Fame, the Stage and Rainbows "
  14. My Son the Waiter: A Jewish Tragedy - "Maybe This Will Make Mom Proud"
  15. Fabulous! - "Sailing Off on a Gender Bender"
  16. Radio City Christmas Spectacular - "A Show, Evolving, Makes a Point of Remaining Timeless"
  17. Livin’ la Vida Imelda - "It Wasn’t Just the Shoes"
  18. Extreme Weather - "Rising Temperatures Within a Family‘Extreme..."
  19. Port Authority - "Across Ages, a Journey Through Regret Conor M..."
  20. Icebound - "The Weather Is Cold, the Feelings More So Owe..."
  21. Smoke - "Pair of Partygoers Turn Up the Heat in the Ki..."
  22. Barceló con Hielo - "Sick Immigrant Sees Ghosts of Former Country;..."
  23. Drop Dead Perfect - "A Spinster at the Center of a Madcap Swirl. C..."
  24. Picture Ourselves in Latvia - "It’s a Date. See You in Therapy. ‘Picture..."
  25. The Bardy Bunch - "Here’s a Story ... of a Mashed-Up Family ....."
  26. Lies My Father Told Me - "If Only the Pants Fit Right"
  27. A Christmas Carol (St. Clement's) - "Ebenezer Sharpens Sarcasm for Today"
  28. Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Man - "Highlights From the Owner’s Manual. ‘Sex ..."
  29. Let it Be - "Returning to Ensnare Old Rockers and Young"
  30. Handle With Care - "How Do You Say This in Hebrew?: ‘I Lost You..."
  31. Gettin' the Band Back Together - "Fending Off Foreclosure With Rock ’n’ Roll"
  32. East Towards Home - "Traveling Back in Time From the Left, With Context"
  33. Dr. Du Bois and Miss Ovington - "Jointly Forging a Movement, Cheek by Jowl. ..."
  34. The Last Saint on Sugar Hill - "In the Maelstrom of Harlem’s Gentrification..."
  35. Every Day A Visitor - "Who Do You Want to Be (Besides a Playful Codger)?"
  36. She's of a Certain Age - "Knowing When Not to Ask"
  37. Cougar the Musical - "Three Singles Seeking Partners for Duets"
  38. Sistas: The Musical - "They’re Not the Supremes, but They Know the Tunes"
  39. The Soap Myth - "When an Atrocity Lacks Documentation, and Truth Is Hard to Prove"
  40. More of Our Parts - "Tiptoeing Past the Deaf"
  41. MoM - A Rock Concert Musical - "Stardom and Middle Age"
  42. Hell: Paradise Found - "It’s a Bit Warm, but the Party’s Down Here"
  43. Tiny Bubbles - "Get Thee to a Bar (and Then a Nunnery)"
  44. Protected - "Dreading Visits From Friendly Neighbors"
  45. Victory - Choices in Reaction - " Puritan Widow Confronts a Randy, Profane King"
  46. The Pretty Trap - "A Mother’s Familiar Optimism, Without the Familiar Letdown"
  47. Poetic License - "Taking Literary Liberties Too Far"
  48. Rated P for Parenthood - "So You’re Pregnant? Sometimes That’s the Easy Part"
  49. Seed - "Kindness, Again by Strangers"
  50. Ajax in Iraq - "The Insanity of War Is Not Ancient Myth"
  51. Reading Under the Influence - "Here’s to the Ladies Who Lurch"
  52. As It Is in Heaven - "A Striking, Gentle Portrait of a Shaker Community"
  53. The Greenwich Village Follies - "From George Washington to Beatniks and Beyond"
  54. Another Part of the Forest - "A Villain, Younger but Already Formed"
  55. Hairspray (Off-Broadway) - "You Can’t Stop the Aerosol"
  56. Julius Caesar (2010) - "A Dictator Is No Match for a Tough School Board"
  57. lady - "Chasing the Truth While Hunting for Game"
  58. len, asleep in vinyl - "Remembering Too Well Back When Rock Mattered"
  59. Dietrich and Chevalier: The Musical - "Maurice and Marlene: Love Story Retold"