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  21. Paradise Blue - "‘Paradise Blue’ Rekindles Racial Drama in 1949 Detroit"
  22. Antigona - "‘Antigona,’ From Noche Flamenca, Pairs Rh..."
  23. Awake and Sing! - "‘Awake and Sing!,’ a Depression-Era Family Drama"
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  29. At the Table - "In ‘At the Table,’ a Menu of Identity-Based Arguments"
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  32. The Old Masters - "‘The Old Masters,’ Art Found, Artist Lost and Another Adrift"
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  34. Smile at Us, Oh Lord - "‘Smile at Us, Oh Lord’ Depicts a Jewish Odyssey"
  35. J. Edgar Klezmer: Songs from My Grandmother's FBI Files - "‘J. Edgar Klezmer: Songs From My Grandmothe..."
  36. 35th Marathon of One-Act Plays: Series B - "At Ensemble Studio Theater, Men and Women Chatting Privately"
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  39. In Vestments - "In Sara Fellini’s ‘In Vestments,’ Haunt..."
  40. Don Juan - "A Molière-Born Cad for the Ages in ‘Don Juan’"
  41. The Duchamp Syndrome - "‘The Duchamp Syndrome’ Debuts at the Flea Theater"
  42. Red Flamboyant - "‘Red Flamboyant’ Is Earthbound and Flush With Romanticism"
  43. Beyond Sacred: Voices of Muslim Identity - "‘Beyond Sacred: Voices of Muslim Identity,..."
  44. Ziegfeld’s Midnight Frolic - "‘Ziegfeld’s Midnight Frolic’ Explores t..."
  45. The Unexpected Guest - "‘The Unexpected Guest,’ From Agatha Chris..."
  46. Clinton the Musical - "‘Clinton the Musical’ Proves Unimpeachably Amusing"
  47. Music Hall - "‘Music Hall,’ a Meditation in Stage Poetr..."
  48. Soldier X - "In ‘Soldier X,’ Rehana Lew Mirza Explores..."
  49. Fashions for Men - "‘Fashions for Men,’ a Revival at the Mint Theater"
  50. The Nomad - "Eberhardt’s Fierce Ride, in ‘The Nomad’"
  51. Abundance - "In ‘Abundance,’ by Beth Henley, Mail-Orde..."
  52. Rocket to the Moon - "In ‘Rocket to the Moon,’ a Dentist Deals ..."
  53. Churchill - "‘Churchill,’ a One-Man Show at New World Stages"
  54. Texas in Paris - "Crossing an Ocean in Attitudes"
  55. Wyoming - "A Most Unwelcome Return"
  56. Another Medea - "From Blissful Love to Homicidal Rage"
  57. The Woodsman - "Led by a Tender Heart, Before It Is Ripped Out "
  58. Disenchanted! - "Beneath the Tiara, a Lot of Attitude"
  59. Cafe Society Swing - "Rich Songs Tell a Jazz Club’s Bittersweet Story"
  60. Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical - "Sleigh Bells Ring, Monsters Break In"
  61. The Asphalt Christmas - "When the Holidays Are Exorcism Time"
  62. Send for the Million Men - "The Wheels of Justice, Circa 1927, via a Robo..."
  63. On a Stool at the End of the Bar - "See, Before That Night I Met You, I Was ... W..."
  64. Odd Birdz - "Comfortable Inducing a Laugh or a Squirm"
  65. Spacebar - "Wants His Name in Lights. Could Use an Editor."
  66. Six Characters in Search of an Author - "In Need of an Ending to Their Family Tragedy"
  67. Salt of the Earth - "A Puppet Hero on the Run, in Search of Freedom"
  68. Not Afraid - "If You Flirt With Danger, It Just Might Come Calling"
  69. Uncanny Valley - "Having It All, Except for Humanity ‘Uncanny..."
  70. Rococo Rouge - "Song and Dance, With Some Naughty Thrown In ..."
  71. Tempest - "An Island of Eerie Lighting and Delightful So..."
  72. Uncle Vanya - "On a Russian Farm, Where Frustration Grows Ha..."
  73. Juárez: A Documentary Mythology - "Weaving Their Tapestry of Murder and Mayhem L..."
  74. Bauer - "Tantalizingly Close to Art World Fame, Then P..."
  75. Dead Behind These Eyes - "Painful Class Conflict and Youthful Disaffect..."
  76. Revolution in the Elbow of Ragnar Agnarsson - "A Joint Laid to Ruin by Recession ‘Revoluti..."
  77. The Law of Return - "Case of Divided Loyalty Still Divides the Pub..."
  78. Summer Shorts: Series B - "A Festival of One-Acts Illuminates Souls in T..."
  79. Play/Date - "I Can’t Hear You. The Plays Are Running. ..."
  80. Piece of My Heart - "She Never Knew Dad, Just His Hit Songs ‘Pie..."
  81. The Gig - "Ragtag Musicians Test Their Talent in the Catskills ‘The Gig’"
  82. The Pigeoning - "A Puppet Who Just Wants to Eat His Sandwich ..."
  83. Fuerza Bruta: Wayra - "Where Anything Can Happen and Usually Does Ac..."
  84. The Other Mozart - "A Sibling Rivalry Played Out Over Keyboards T..."
  85. The Sonic Life of a Giant Tortoise - "An Existence So Vanilla, It’s Stifling A W..."
  86. Under My Skin - "Good to Be Alive Again, but What’s This Bod..."
  87. Carnival Kids - "Unexpected Love Stories In ‘Carnival Kids,..."
  88. Los Monólogos de la Vagina - "Taking a Stand, on Stools Spanish-Language ..."
  89. Jasper in Deadland - "Diving To Great Depths For a Pal - ‘Jasper ..."
  90. A Respectable Widow Takes to Vulgarity - "What a Foul Mouth You Have, Grandma | ‘A Re..."
  91. Ubu Sings Ubu - "Two Schemers, Crossing All Kinds of Boundarie..."
  92. The Real Americans - "The Superiority Complex of Just Plain Folks. ..."
  93. The Wong Kids in the Secret of the Space Chupacabra Go! - "It’s Mind Over Matter With a Bandersnatch o..."
  94. Actress Fury - "Raging Ambition, and Then Some ‘Actress Fur..."
  95. Sotto Voce - "Romance Stirs on the Way Down Memory Lane. In..."
  96. Transport - "Prison Ship Sets Sail With a Rebel on Board"
  97. Blue Wizard/Black Wizard - "Hey, Mediocrity, Two Wizards Want You Gone"
  98. My Mother Has 4 Noses - "A Daughter’s Loyalty Shines Through Song"
  99. Love, Linda: The Life of Mrs. Cole Porter - "Mrs. Porter Regrets, but Not Much"
  100. London Wall - "In 1930s Britain, an Office Lothario and the Women Who Endure Him"
  101. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead - "Out of Hamlet’s Shadow Again, and Into the Spotlight"
  102. Water - "The Dangers Ahead for Climate, and Now for People"
  103. This is My Office - "A Place for Work and Introspection"