August 4, 2015

he is a magnificent specimen: the hair big and honey blond, the clothes snug and revealing, the jewelry copious and gold. Meticulously manicured, stalking around in screaming-orange sandals with wedge heels that would maim a weaker woman, the aggrieved Adriana is pure Jersey girl — the stereotypical variety. She is also a hilariously high-strung delight to behold in Taibi Magar’s effervescent staging of “The Comedy of Errors” here at Shakespeare & Company, where Kelley Curran unapologetically steals the show with an Adriana who is all defiant posing and tangy Garden State vowels. Yes, yes, Shakespeare’s “The Comedy of Errors” is the mistaken-identity farce about the two almost indistinguishably named sets of long-lost identical twins, and Adriana isn’t among them. Her straying husband, Antipholus of Ephesus (Ian Lassiter), is, though, and can she help it if she loves the creep and just wants him to come home?