July 20, 2015

Has your deceased beloved adopted a telltale moniker along the lines of Old Bones? Are his new friends writhing, leaping creatures whose gossamer garments have a certain shroudlike quality? Has he taken to menacing you from beyond the grave?n Yes to all? It’s time then, dear, to stop hanging around the cemetery, leaving those love notes and bouquets. You can do better! Evidently no one has mentioned this to Constance (Melanie Stone), the young widow in the guitar- and saxophone-driven “Deep Love,” by Garrett Sherwood, Ryan Hayes and Jon Peter Lewis, an offering at the New York Musical Theater Festival. When Constance’s sad heart stirs for Friedrich (Mr. Sherwood), who has a tormented indie-rocker vibe and a slightly sandpaper voice, Old Bones (Mr. Lewis, a veteran of “American Idol” and “The Voice”) threatens them both, and still she won’t tell him it’s over.