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  103. A Bronx Tale: The Musical - "'A Bronx Tale' an old-school memory of New York"
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  105. Brigadoon (Chicago) - "Almost worth falling for this revisionist 'Brigadoon'"
  106. The Qualms (Chicago) - "Lusty party never gets into full swing"
  107. Luna Gale - "'Luna Gale' is the challenge of caring amid the chaos"
  108. Betrayal - "Pinter's 'Betrayal' ages well"
  109. Kinky Boots - "'Kinky Boots' is a great fit for Broadway"
  110. Kinky Boots The Musical - "'Kinky Boots' is a great fit for Broadway"
  111. Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf - "Chicago-style 'Virginia Woolf' cuts deep on Broadway"
  112. Newsies - "Audience subscribes to 'Newsies' charms"
  113. The Anarchist - "Mamet's 'The Anarchist' is slow to forgive, forget"
  114. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof - "'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof' on Broadway: Johansso..."
  115. Breakfast at Tiffany's - "No sparkle in Broadway's 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'"
  116. Chaplin - "Simplistic 'Chaplin' silences the magic of the Little Tramp"
  117. Lysistrata Jones - "'Lysistrata Jones' on Broadway: No sex please, we're cheerleaders"
  118. Detroit at Steppenwolf - "Detroit"