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  1. A View From the Bridge - "'A View From the Bridge' Is Haunting, Impassioned"
  2. Sticks and Bones - "Caustic 'Sticks and Bones' Still Bites"
  3. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - "B'way's 'The Curious Incident' Is Dazzling"
  4. Indian Ink - "'Indian Ink' Is Witty Mockery of Brits"
  5. The City of Conversation - "Review: 'City of Conversation' Sharp, Intelligent"
  6. Hellman v. McCarthy - "Review: Angry Wit Infuses 'Hellman V McCarthy'"
  7. The Threepenny Opera - "Review: 'Threepenny Opera' Is Energetic, Fluid'"
  8. The Velocity of Autumn - " Home> Entertainment Review: B'way's 'Velo..."
  9. Annapurna - "Review: 'Annapurna' Is an Intimate Look at Divorce"
  10. Let it Be - "Review: Fab fakes in Beatles tribute musical ..."
  11. First Date - "Inner voices confound couple in madcap Broadw..."
  12. A Night With Janis Joplin - "Lady Wails in Soulful 'Janis Joplin' Show"
  13. Macbeth LCT - "Hawke Is a Broody Monarch in 'Macbeth'"
  14. Dinner With Friends - "Review: ‘Dinner With Friends’ has lots to chew on"
  15. A Moon for the Misbegotten - "Boozy moonlit confessions spark first-rate 'Moon'"
  16. Lost In Yonkers - "Troubled family, dark humor, in 'Lost in Yonkers'"
  17. Regrets - "'Regrets' is quietly effective drama"
  18. The Taming of the Shrew - "Review: 'Shrew' is a fresh take on age-old battle"
  19. A Slow Air - "'A Slow Air' is spirited and thoughtful"
  20. One Man, Two Guvnors - "Gleeful comedy in joyously slapstick British ..."
  21. Ninth and Joanie - "Review: 'Ninth and Joanie' is bleak, but memorable"
  22. Food and Fadwa - "Play 'Food and Fadwa' is a tasty blend"
  23. 7th Monarch - "'7th Monarch' Does Off-Broadway Mystery Right"
  24. DruidMurphy - "'DruidMurphy': Tom Murphy's Brilliant Playwri..."
  25. Bullet for Adolf - "Bullet for Adolf"
  26. Picnic - "This 'Picnic' basket has a sexy drifter"
  27. Really, Really - "'Really Really' is clever look at GenMe"
  28. Rent - "Timeless 'Rent' Is Imaginative, Energetic, Sexy"
  29. Queen of the Mist - "'Queen of the Mist' a turn-of-the-century charmer"
  30. Close Up Space - "Play 'Close Up Space' saved by talented cast"
  31. Chekhovek - "Good stories authentically acted, in 'Chekhovek'"
  32. CQ/CX - "One man's fraud taints famed newspaper in 'CQ/CX'"
  34. Rutherford & Son - "Strong personal tyranny in 'Rutherford & Son'"
  35. Beyond the Horizon - "A Melancholy Early O'Neill In 'Beyond The Horizon'"
  36. The Big Meal - "Food's not fast, but life is, in 'The Big Meal'"
  37. Interviewing the Audience - "Genial host shapes 'Interviewing the Audience'"
  38. Apple Cove - "Can't Regulate Emotion in Sunny Fable 'Apple Cove'"
  39. Peter and the Starcatcher Off-Broadway - " Rollicking humor in 'Peter and the Starcatcher'"
  40. Go Back to Where You Are - "Renewal demands risk in 'Go Back To Where You Are'"
  41. Side Effects - "Secrets imperil marriage in intense 'Side Effects'"
  42. Unnatural Acts: Harvard's Secret Court of 1920 - "Prejudice and fear ruin lives, in 'Unnatural Acts'"
  43. The Collection & A Kind of Alaska - "2 Pinter plays contain underlying menace, suspense"
  44. What The Public Wants - "Satire of Journalism in 'What The Public Wants'"
  45. Molly Sweeney - "Too Many Blinded by Sight in New Brian Friel Play"
  46. Three Sisters (2011) - "Talented cast lights up Chekhov's 'Three Sisters'"
  47. Measure for Measure 2010 - "'Measure for Measure' sells cynicism of hypocrisy"
  48. Zero Hour - "Jim Brochu Recreates a Funny, Volatile Zero Mostel"