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  1. And Baby Makes Seven - "The Inner Children of Parents-to-Be - Paula V..."
  2. Closer Than Ever - "Cellulite and 2nd Chances as the Stuff of a Revue"
  3. Playing With Fire - "A Swedish Love Triangle, With Some Slight Revisions"
  4. A Moon for the Misbegotten - "Boozy Nights of a Ravaged Dreamer"
  5. Modern Terrorism - "Funny, but Plotting Havoc Isn't Easy"
  6. Elephant Room - "Three Dudes of Magic, Working the Strip (Mall)"
  7. Being Shakespeare - "The Case for Shakespeare: Words, Words, Words"
  8. The Bad and the Better - "Noir Shadows, Shady Characters and Pulpy Plot Twists"
  9. Broke House - "Reality TV, No Channel Changing Allowed"
  10. Julius Caesar (Baruch) - "Beware the Suited Men Wielding Letter Openers"
  11. Triassic Parq - "Dinosaurs With Problems, Prehistoric and Modern"
  12. Eric Grode - "Shaw’s View of a Woman Headed to a Burning Stake"
  13. Gonna See a Movie Called Gunga Din - "Heroism and Hell: War as Told by Hollywood and by Soldiers"
  14. Tokio Confidential - "Musical Portrait of a Lady, Newly Tattooed in Tokyo"
  15. Botanica - "Plants Have Feelings, and Sex Organs, Too"
  16. The Shoemaker - "A Life Stitched Together by 9/11 and the Holocaust"
  17. The Yellow Brick Road - "This Isn’t Kansas: It’s a Quinceañera That Sets the Scene"
  18. The Fall to Earth - "Sniffing and Pinching Help Her Deal With Her Grief"
  19. Hindsight - "On a Bench in Paris, a Look at a Life Not Yet Lived"
  20. Lucky Duck - "Ruffled Feathers on the Way to Swanhood"
  21. MoLoRa - "Greek Tragedy and Revenge Through South African Eyes"
  22. Wittenberg - "Dueling Mentors Bedevil a Dithering Young Dane"
  23. Future Anxiety - "No Shades Needed in Not-So-Bright Future"
  24. A Couple of Poor, Polish-Speaking Romanians - "In Poland, at Mercy of Weirdos"
  25. Little Black Dress - "She Doesn’t Want to Be in Kansas Anymore"
  26. Radio Play - "Back to a Time (the ’80s) When Digital Was a Mere Dream"
  27. Lucky Guy the Musical - "When ‘Boy Meets Girl’ Plays Second Fiddle"
  28. Cactus Flower - "Honey, I’m Married, and Here’s My Wife"
  29. World Trade Center View - "After 9/11, Changes in a View and in a Life"
  30. Mama, I Want to Sing: The Next Generation - "Revisiting the Story of a Dutiful Daughter With a Hit Song"
  31. Korach: The Biblical Antichrist - "A Man So Stubborn He Wouldn’t Listen Even to Moses"
  32. Honey Brown Eyes - "When War Begins, Nothing Is Normal"
  33. Wintuk - "Acrobatics Amid Flakes: It’s Cirque du Snowfall"
  34. Looking At Christmas - "Holiday Windows Dress Up a Romance"
  35. The Toxic Avenger - "The Toxic Avenger Actually Kind of Good"