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Andy Webster


  1. Unseamly - "In ‘Unseamly,’ a Woman Takes On an Apparel Tycoon"
  2. Wild Women of Planet Wongo - "‘Wild Women of Planet Wongo,’ a Musical C..."
  3. The Belle of Belfast - "‘The Belle of Belfast,’ a Pressure Cooker of Moral Quandaries"
  4. Salvage - "‘Salvage’ Looks at What the Hazmat Dragged In"
  5. Pinocchio - "A Darker ‘Pinocchio’ Strays From Disney’s Wholesome Take"
  6. The Man of the Hour - "In ‘The Man of the Hour,’ Back-Room Politics Is Ageless"
  7. Film Chinois - "Political Intrigue in China, With Loyalties Uncertain"
  8. Asymmetric - "Giving His Ex-Wife the Third Degree "
  9. Powerhouse - "A Man Whose Music Animated Looney Tunes"
  10. Metamorphosis - "Contortions, Clowning and Confetti"
  11. Lennon: Through a Glass Onion - "A Portrait of a Dreamer ‘Lennon: Through a ..."
  12. Almost Home - "When Johnny Came Questioning Home ‘Almost H..."
  13. Boys and Girls - "Night of Free-Flowing Verse, Booze and Elusiv..."
  14. The Last Days of Cleopatra - "Mother’s Death Tests a Family’s Ties ‘T..."
  15. Puppet Titus Andronicus - "Shakespeare With Strings (the Silly Kind) ‘..."
  16. Deepest Man - "In Way Over His Head In ‘Deepest Man,’ a..."
  17. The Anthem - "Songs, Jokes and Twirls? Just Don’t Tell Ay..."
  18. Satchmo at the Waldorf - "A Singular Trumpeter Unreels His Life. Louis ..."
  19. Sir Patient Fancy - "A Risqué Romp in Any Century - ‘Sir Patien..."
  20. 50 Shades! The Musical - "If a Book Annoys You, Ridicule It in Song. ..."
  21. Riding the Midnight Express - "Correcting the Film Version of a Sensational ..."
  22. Til Divorce Do Us Part - "Conversation Hearts, More ‘Scram’ Than ‘Be Mine’"
  23. Take Me Back - "After Prison, Finding Bumps on the Road to Normalcy"
  24. A Mind-Bending Evening of Beckett - "Tortured Souls"
  25. Man and Superman - "Shaw’s Battle of the Sexes, Waged Slyly if Vigorously"
  26. Fried Chicken & Latkes - "Instead of a Bedtime Story, a Lullaby From Miles Davis"
  27. Mary Broome - "With a Servant’s Pregnancy Comes a Man’s ..."
  28. Falling - "A Family Dynamic Dictated by Autism"
  29. Probation - "Immigrant Led Astray in His New Home"
  30. The Ash Girl - "Cinderella Viewed Through Grown-Up Perspectives"
  31. You Are in an Open Field - "Compatriots in Geekery Recover From the Past"
  32. Swell - "Moving Into a Black-and-White World Where Gra..."
  33. Seth Rudetsky's Disaster - "Playing Tony Orlando While the Ship Sinks"
  34. Salome - "Best Way Not to Win a Pious Man’s Heart? Da..."
  35. The Navigator - "Proceed to End of Road, Then Make a U-Turn"
  36. As Wide As I Can See - "Back Home, Some Eternal Verities Prove Irksome"
  37. The History of the World - "From the Crucifixion to the Internet, You Are There"
  38. The Deepest Play Ever: The Catharsis of Pathos - "Inspired by Brecht, and Zombies"
  39. Wax Wings - "In the Labyrinth of Medical Research"
  40. Drawn and Quartered - "A Palette of Wine, Blood and Sex"
  41. One Night with Fanny Brice - "A Funny Girl Strives to Survive"
  42. The Play About My Dad - "A Hard Rain Begins to Fall on Lives in Gulfport, Miss."
  43. With Aaron's Arms Around Me and The Mire - "The Borders That Love Crosses"
  44. Hater - "Full of Hateful Thoughts, Yet Hopelessly in Love"
  45. The Irish...and How They Got That Way - "Tale of Immigrant Tribe Viewed in Emerald Lens"
  46. Andy Webster - "Two Romeos in a Modern Tragedy"
  47. the castle - "From Prison to Freedom, and Telling Their Tales"
  48. Bash'd - "Two Romeos in a Modern Tragedy"
  49. Rock of Ages Off-Broadway - "Never Mind the Mullet; It’s the Tunes"