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Catherine Rampell


  1. Almost Maine - "When Love Hits, It Can Really Send You Reelin..."
  2. Self - "Among Rich Twits, Back in the Day"
  3. In the Wine Time - "Why Stay in High School, When You Could Be Out Drinking?"
  4. The Other Josh Cohen - "Life, When All That’s Left Is Your Neil Diamond CD"
  5. Luther - "Hire a Vet? Forget That. Adopt One Instead."
  6. My Occasion of Sin - "Rocking and Rolling to ’60s Racial Tension in Omaha"
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  9. The Boss - "Up From the Mean Streets and Clawing Ever Higher"
  10. Your Boyfriend May Be Imaginary - "Searching for Someone She Has Already Found"
  11. Blogologues: Younger Than Springtime - "Humor Found Online, Posted Onstage"
  12. Eavesdropping on Dreams - "Confronting Evil: 3 Generations Gripped by the Holocaust"
  13. Color Between the Lines - "Catalog of Brooklyn Heroes, Helping Some to Freedom"
  14. That Beautiful Laugh - "Turning Giggles and Snickers Into a Hoot"
  15. Lifeline - "Rent Is the Least of This Landlord’s Worries"
  16. These Seven Sicknesses - "Sophocles’ Tragic Tales as a Blood-Soaked Tapestry"
  17. Growing Up Gonzales - "2 Brothers Come of Age in the Bronx"
  18. The Parting Glass - "The Unluck of the Irish in Love, Soccer and Business"
  19. The Lapsburgh Layover - "It Sure Beats Sitting on the Tarmac"
  20. Play it Cool - "Sexuality and Self-Preservation in 1950s Hollywood"
  21. Make Mine Manhattan - "A Vintage Skyline Filled With Valentines and Air Kisses"
  22. Crane Story - "Splashing Through Rain Toward a Silent Afterlife"
  23. Dublin by Lamplight - "Death, Sewage ... and a Few Laughs"
  24. Bridesburg - "Think Life Couldn’t Get Worse? Drop in on This Dismal Family"
  25. The Magdalene - "A Married, Reimagined Jesus"
  26. Shakespeare's Slave - "A Love-Struck Romeo Finds Inspiration at Last"