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  1. As You Like It - "An ‘As You Like It’ on Asphalt, From Shak..."
  2. 35th Marathon of One-Act Plays: Series C - "Confessions Abound in Ensemble Studio Theater..."
  3. This Is Mary Brown - "In ‘This Is Mary Brown,’ Mom Has Troubles..."
  4. Dinner With the Boys - "At ‘Dinner With the Boys,’ a Serving of Mafia Jokes"
  5. Hitting Bedrock - "Hitting Bedrock’ at La MaMa Taps Into War’s Confusion"
  6. The Road to Damascus - "Front Seat to an Escalating Global Conflict"
  7. On the Other Side of the River - "Is the Menace the River, or the Man on the Ba..."
  8. Wiesenthal - "Hunting Down Nazis and Surviving the Holocaust, at a Cost"
  9. A Walk in the Woods - "Fresh Air Will Do You Good When Warding Off A..."
  10. Teach, Teacher, Teachest - "A Nutty Professor Is Dangling Above You 'Teac..."
  11. Voices of Swords - "A Personal Organizer Arrives, but the Entangl..."
  12. Othello - "Perfidy Afoot in a Doomed Parking Lot Outdoor..."
  13. The Lightning Theif - "Sing a Song, End a War: All in a Supernatural..."
  14. They Call Me Q - "An Indian Girl Who Just Wanted to Be Puerto R..."
  15. The Bullpen - "He’s Alone on a Stage, With Tough Character..."
  16. Beertown - "First the Doughnuts, Then the Debates. ‘Bee..."
  17. Bikeman: A 9/11 Play - "Look, but Mostly Listen: Remembering Sept. 11"
  18. The Chocolate Show - "At Every Performance, a Sweet Job Opening. ..."
  19. Thank You for Being a Friend - "<i>Thank You for Being a Friend</i&g..."
  20. Fences - "A Review of ‘Fences’ at McCarter Theater Center in Princeton"
  21. The Hero - "Moving From the Trenches to Turmoil at Home. ..."
  22. Cloven Tongues - "She Won’t Talk, but Everyone Else Does"
  23. The Old Man and The Old Moon - "Heeding the Siren Call of a Magical Song"
  24. The Exonerated - "When Justice Makes You Gasp"
  25. I Am a Tree - "Excavating Family Truths"
  26. Big Apple Circus: Legendarium - "One Ring, Right Under Your Nose"
  27. Out of Iceland - "Romance-Minded Troll Borrows Cupid’s Bow"
  28. Murder In the First - "The Hard Life on ‘The Rock’"
  29. Prometheus Within - "A Serious Warning and a Talking Liver"
  30. Monster - "What Man Hath Wrought, With Darkness in the Details"
  31. The Merchant of Venice - "Shylock’s Master Class on Rage"
  32. Lady and the Champ - "In Front of an Audience Again, but Not to Fight"
  33. The Runner Stumbles - "A Forbidden Attraction Is Just the Beginning"
  34. Chekhovek - "Nine Ways to Be Faithful to Chekhov on the Stage"
  35. Tryst - "He’s a Con Man With a Heart of Gold"
  36. Kissing Sid James - "Two Lonely People Fumbling for Love"
  37. Flight - "Memory, in All Its Elusiveness and Ability to Shock"
  38. From Rags to Riches - "Melodrama Returns, Flaunting Its Chaos and Clichés"
  39. Benito Cereno - "Strange Ship, Stranger Crew"
  40. Storm Still - "‘King Lear’ Inspires a Riff on the Endurance of Time"
  41. The Human Comedy - "World War II and Coconut Cream Pie"
  42. I Married Wyatt Earp - "She’s Married to a Gunman and Willing to Sing About It"
  43. In Transit - "A Sunny Urban Vision of Traveling Underground"
  44. Lysistrata - "Brush Up Your Shakespeare; Brush Off the Sets"
  45. Carnival Round the Central Figure - "Death Be Not Predictable"
  46. In God's Hat - "Toying With Freedom After Prison"
  47. Molly Sweeney - "Does One Need Sight to Grasp the World?"
  48. Rosmersholm - "In Ibsen, Discontent and Desires Unspoken"
  49. Momentum - "From Israel, Acrobatic Rhythm and Moves"