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  1. POTUS: Or, Behind Every Great Dumbass are Seven Women Trying to Keep Him Alive - "POTUS and Mr. Saturday Night Mine Laughs From Behind the Scenes"
  2. A Strange Loop - "A Strange Loop Moves to Broadway, Its Furious..."
  3. Funny Girl - "If Someone Takes a Spill: Funny Girl Returns"
  4. Hangmen - "In Martin McDonagh’s Hangmen, Cruelty Provides the Muse"
  5. for colored girls who have considered suicide / when the rainbow is enuf - "for colored girls Returns to Broadway in a Triumphant Revival"
  6. How I Learned to Drive - "The Predatory Dance of How I Learned to Drive"
  7. The Minutes - "The Minutes Feels a Few Years Too Late"
  8. American Buffalo - "American Buffalo: Gorgeous Performances, Small Author Issue"
  9. The Little Prince - "The Little Prince Crash-Lands on This Planet"
  10. Suffs - "Suffs Casts a Complicated Vote for a Complicated History"
  11. Paradise Square - "The Several Original Sins of Paradise Square"
  12. Plaza Suite - "Plaza Suite Contains the Bleakest Comedy I’ve Seen in Years"
  13. Confederates - "Confederates Does Battle With Two Peculiar Institutions"
  14. The Music Man - "The Music Man Finally Marches In, Looking Backward"
  15. MJ the Musical - "MJ Exists in a Hyperbaric Chamber of Denial"
  16. Skeleton Crew - "Skeleton Crew, Transferred Uptown, Loses Some Muscle"
  17. Flying Over Sunset - "When Lincoln Center Comes Down From This Trip..."
  18. Company - "In Comes Company, and Whaddaya Get?"
  19. Mrs. Doubtfire - "Mrs. Doubtfire Skirts the Problem"
  20. Clyde's - "Clyde’s and In the Southern Breeze: Two Journeys Into Limbo"
  21. Trouble in Mind - "Trouble In Mind Deserved Better All Along"
  22. Diana, The Musical - "Diana: The Musical Is Almost as Bad as Her Marriage"
  23. Caroline, or Change - "The Time Is Now, Finally, for Caroline, or Change"
  24. Dana H. - "Dana H. Is Harrowing and Unmissable"
  25. The Lehman Trilogy - "The Lehman Trilogy (Almost) Delivers on Its Investment"
  26. Chicken & Biscuits - "Chicken & Biscuits Serves Up Sustenance at a Church Funeral"
  27. Six - "Pop Renaissance! Six: The Musical Fans Lose T..."
  28. Pass Over - "Pass Over Reaches for the Promised Land"
  29. Harry Connick Jr. — A Celebration of Cole Porter - "Harry Connick Jr. Brings the Tick-Tick-Tick o..."
  30. What the Constitution Means to Me - "What the Constitution Means to Me"
  31. American Son - "American Son: Theater Review"
  32. War Lesbian - "An ambitious opera about an Inuit sea goddess..."
  33. Major Barbara - "Despite its fervent lead, this is minor Barbara"
  34. Port Authority - "The Irish Rep revives McPherson’s moody tri..."
  35. Teach, Teacher, Teachest - "David Koteles has adapted Ionesco’s absurdi..."
  36. Barceló con Hielo - "In Marco Antonio Rodríguez's ghost-haunted f..."
  37. The Pigeoning - "The Pigeoning: theater review by Helen Shaw"
  38. Katogora - "Katorga: An Ozet Performance"
  39. When We Were Young and Unafraid - "When We Were Young and Unafraid"
  40. The Mysteries - " The Mysteries: Theater review by Helen Shaw"
  41. Your Mother’s Copy of the Kama Sutra - "Your Mother's Copy of the Kama Sutra: Review by Helen Shaw"
  42. The Wong Kids in the Secret of the Space Chupacabra Go! - "It’s Their Turn to Save the World"
  43. Twelfth Night (Abrons Arts Center) - "Twelfth Night, or What You Will"
  44. Take Me Back - "Take Me Back: Theater review by Helen Shaw"
  45. You Better Sit Down: Tales from My Parents' Divorce - "You Better Sit Down: Tales from My Parents' Divorce"
  46. Gonna See a Movie Called Gunga Din - "Review: Gonna See a Movie Called Gunga Din"
  47. These Seven Sicknesses - "Review: These Seven Sicknesses"
  48. Botanica - "Review: Botanica"
  49. The Inexplicable Redemption of Agent G - "Review: The Inexplicable Redemption of Agent G"
  50. Lemon Sky - "Review: Lemon Sky"
  51. Apple Cove - "Lynn Rosen’s gated-community comedy tries t..."
  52. Storm Still - "Storm Still at P.S. 122 blusters to little effect"
  53. The Deer House - "Thank you BAM: Reviews of Pina Bausch's Vollm..."
  54. Gary the Thief & Plevna: Meditations on Hatred - "Two Howard Barker poems are delivered as dramatic monologues"
  55. Bottom of the World - "Fiction offers escape from the world in Lucy ..."