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  1. The Little Prince - "Review: ‘The Little Prince,’ a Lumbering Circus"
  2. Ruben & Clay's First Annual Christmas Carol Family Fun Pageant Spectacular Reunion Show - "‘Ruben & Clay’ Reunites ‘Idol’ Rivals for Christmas Fun"
  3. Rocktopia - "Review: Roll Over, Beethoven? At ‘Rocktopia..."
  4. Cruel Intentions - "In This ‘Cruel Intentions,’ High School S..."
  5. Jack and the Beanstalk - "‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ Is a Holiday Treat Worth Savoring"
  6. Who's Holiday - "‘Who’s Holiday!’ Is a Raunchy Riff on D..."
  7. Home For the Holidays - "Review: TV Crooners (and Danny Aiello) Head ..."
  8. The Dreyfus Affair - "‘The Dreyfus Affair’ and the Sound of Anxiety"
  9. Black to the Future - "Between Disbelief and Despair, Lewis Black’..."
  10. New York Spectacular - "Finally, the Rockettes summer show is actually spectacular"
  11. On Your Feet! - "Gloria Estefan is shaking up this sad Broadway season"
  12. I’m Gonna Pray for You So Hard - "Mind games, substance abuse mark Halley Feiff..."
  13. Winners and Losers - "A parlor game has serious consequences in Soh..."
  14. A Particle of Dread - "Madness works in off-Broadway play ‘A Particle of Dread’"
  15. Punk Rock - "Simon Stephens explores teenage violence in c..."
  16. Radio City Christmas Spectacular - "Magical ‘Christmas Spectacular’ remains a..."
  17. Grand Concourse - "Grand Concourse’ explores faith and forgive..."
  18. Lost Lake - "Despite brilliant casting, ‘Lost Lake’ lacks urgency"
  19. The Band Wagon - "It’s short on strutting, but ‘The Band Wagon’ has got legs"
  20. Show Boat - "‘Show Boat’ still amazing thanks to Vanes..."
  21. The Oldest Boy - "Puppet adds poetry to off-Broadway show ‘The Oldest Boy’"
  22. Lips Together, Teeth Apart - "‘Lips Together, Teeth Apart’ strongly captures time and place"
  23. Father Comes Home From the Wars - "‘Father Comes Home From the Wars’ an ambitious epic"
  24. The Fortress of Solitude - "‘The Fortress of Solitude’ gets an uneven musical treatment"
  25. Billy & Ray - "Vincent Kartheiser is as limp as the play its..."
  26. 4:48 Psychosis - "Suicide play ‘4:48 Psychosis’ offers a cliché mind trip"
  27. The Belle of Amherst - "Joely Richardson is surprisingly effective in..."
  28. Found - "Random notes and serendipity inspired charmin..."
  29. A Walk in the Woods - "Gender-twist adds welcome edge to revival of ..."
  30. Scenes From a Marriage - "‘Scenes from a Marriage’ captures your head, not your heart"
  31. Mighty Real - "Musical is the ‘Mighty Real’ deal for disco fans"
  32. The Fatal Weakness - "Patience is required to enjoy ‘The Fatal Weakness’"
  33. Dry Land - "21-year-old playwright dazzles with ‘Dry Land’"
  34. Red Eye of Love - "‘Red Eye of Love’ smothers audience with trite whimsy"
  35. Poor Behavior - "Couples behave badly in Rebeck’s ‘Poor Behavior’"
  36. The Opponent - "‘The Opponent’ is really on the ropes"
  37. Summer Shorts: Series B - "‘Summer Shorts’ is back with nuns blazing for second series"
  38. The Lightning Theif - "‘Lightning Thief’ makes a spirited plea for self-acceptance"
  39. Summer Shorts: Series A - "Leight brightens ‘Summer Shorts’"
  40. The Old Woman - "Mikhail Baryshnikov, Willem Dafoe are live-ac..."
  41. Casa Valentina - "‘Casa Valentina’ cross-dresses and impresses"
  42. When January Feels Like Summer - "Cori Thomas’ sweet Harlem-set comedy slacks..."
  43. The Substance of Fire - "‘Substance of Fire’ returns to stage"
  44. Under My Skin - "‘Under My Skin’ more cornball than classic comedy"
  45. The Anthem - "Rand musical more pain than ‘Anthem’"
  46. Fly by Night - "Earnest ‘Fly by Night’ will enchant audiences"
  47. Beyond Therapy - "‘Beyond Therapy’ is beyond saving"
  48. Heathers The Musical - "‘Heathers’ still cliques in musical re-imagining"
  49. The Most Happy Fella - "This ‘Happy Fella’ is a charming crowd-pleaser"
  50. The Most Deserving - "We deserve a sharper satire from ‘The Most Deserving’"
  51. The Heir Apparent - "David Ives trips with repetitive comedy ‘The Heir Apparent’"
  52. Rocky - "‘Rocky’ an unexpected Broadway knockout"
  53. Appropriate - "Old family feuds float up to the surface in ‘Appropriate’"
  54. Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 - "‘Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 181..."
  55. Old Fashioned Prostitutes (A True Romance) - "Richard Foreman’s ‘Old-Fashioned Prostitu..."
  56. Transport - "‘Transport’ fails to pick up steam"
  57. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner - "Fiona Shaw brings ‘Rime’ to vibrant life at BAM"
  58. A Christmas Story, The Musical - "‘A Christmas Story — The Musical’ works its magic"
  59. My Mother Has 4 Noses - "‘My Mother Has Four Noses’ muses its way in one-woman show"
  60. A Doll's House - "Carrie Cracknell’s ‘A Doll’s House’ r..."
  61. Stage Kiss - "Sarah Ruhl delivers a brilliant comedy with ‘Stage Kiss’"
  62. Loot - "‘Loot’ loses value over time"
  63. Stop Hitting Yourself - "Goofy ‘Stop Hitting Yourself’ falls short overall"
  64. Character Man - "Jim Brochu pays tribute to a special breed in ‘Character Man’"
  65. I Call My Brothers - "The paranoid mind-set of a terrorism suspect ..."
  66. Bullet for Adolf - "‘Adolf’ is locked & loaded"
  67. Chimichangas and Zoloft - "‘Zoloft’ will give you a lift"
  68. Regrets - "Sorry excuse for a play"
  69. Now. Here. This. - "New songs, but now not the time to hear ‘This.’"
  70. The Bad Guys - "Unexpectedly wise ‘Guys’"
  71. Medieval Play - "Give ‘Medieval’ the rack"
  72. The Taming of the Shrew - "‘Shrew’ mastered by a powerful Kate"
  73. The Bad and the Better - "‘Bad’ good but could be ‘Better’"
  74. In Masks Outrageous and Austere - "A Williams play gone wild"
  75. Massacre (Sing to Your Children) - "A bunch short of bananas"
  76. 3C - "Three’s a charm in take on classic ’70s sitom"
  77. 7th Monarch - "‘Monarch’ makes a good case, but the jury isn’t buying it"
  78. DruidMurphy - "Not light, but Eire-y"
  79. Nymph Errant - "Naughty your average Cole Porter revival"
  80. Uncle Vanya- City Center - "Spotlight on dark humor"
  81. Warrior Class - "Pol too rote for a vote"
  82. A Midsummer Night's Dream - "Thisbe OK, but not great"
  83. Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike - "Not your dad’s Chekhov"
  84. Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth - "Not much bite in Tyson’s ‘Truth’"
  85. Russian Transport - "A transporting tale"
  86. The Big Meal - "Fresh, satisfying ‘Meal’"
  87. The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs - "Fruit of the poisoned Mac"
  88. Gonna See a Movie Called Gunga Din - "A few thoughts about 'Gonna See a Movie Called Gunga Din'"
  89. These Seven Sicknesses - "Sophomoric Sophocles"
  90. Cries and Whispers - "Artsy ‘Cries’ lacks Bergman’s Swede stuff"
  91. Asuncion - "Pot, but not a lot of plot"
  92. The Atmosphere of Memory - "‘Memory’ worth holding onto"
  93. Love's Labor's Lost - "More giddy than witty"
  94. Ionescopade - "No escape from this absurd French caper"
  95. Hugh Jackman Back on Broadway - "Oh, boy: It has to be ‘Hugh’"
  96. CQ/CX - "Not the best of ‘Times’"
  97. Early Plays - "‘Early’ O’Neill at sea"
  98. The Cherry Orchard at CSC - "A perfectly sweet ‘Cherry’"
  99. Galileo - "Weak atmosphere eclipses astronomer’s tale"
  100. Assistance - "You should help yourself to expert ‘Assistance’"
  101. Maple and Vine - "An era-neous take on 1950s"
  102. Rated P for Parenthood - "Parenthood musical’s a bit too Rated G"
  103. Neighbourhood Watch - "Brit Ayckbourn gives us crime and fun-ishment"
  104. Tribes - "All signs point to ‘Tribes’"
  105. The Lady from Dubuque - "The life of the party"
  106. An Iliad - "‘Iliad’ doesn’t hit a Homer-run"
  107. Painting Churches - "Small revival is ‘Paint’ by numbers"
  108. Gob Squad’s Kitchen (You’ve Never Had It So Good) - "Warhol, dish du jour"
  109. Rutherford & Son - "Fatherly pain in the glass"
  110. Lemon Sky - "Family drama, minus the drama"
  111. Wit - "Cancer drama stays ‘Wit’ you"
  112. Dreams of Flying Dreams of Falling - "Off-kilter play right-on"
  113. Yosemite - "Aimless ‘Yosemite’ digs tunnel to nowhere"
  114. Through a Glass Darkly - "This 'Glass' is half empty"
  115. How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying - "Show's good, clean fund"
  116. Marie and Bruce - "Actors make drama a divorce of nature"
  117. Catch Me If You Can - "Clumsy 'Catch' fumbles"
  118. Hair: Summer of Love 2011 - "Hair"
  119. Sleep No More - "Something wickedly good"
  120. The Normal Heart - "Old 'Heart' rates second viewing"
  121. Black Tie - "WASP-y 'Black Tie' doesn't have much sting"
  122. Interviewing the Audience - "Staged Q&A session is a Gray area"
  123. The Best is Yet to Come - "Tribute is sometimes more sigh than Cy"
  124. Arcadia - "The tedium is the message in tangled tale"
  125. Priscilla Queen of the Desert - "Queen of Broadway"
  126. The Deer House - "'House' full of confusion"
  127. On the Levee - "Tale of rising river gets diluted"
  128. The Merchant of Venice (Broadway) - "Sold on 'Merchant'"
  129. Dracula - "Fangs for nothing, 'Dracula'"
  130. The Language Archive - "Language Doesn't Translate"
  131. The Zero Hour - "The Zero Hour"
  132. Musashi - "Japanese poetry mightier than the sword"
  133. A Night at the Tombs - "Jail tale guides us from brothel to bars"
  134. Creditors - "Triangle riveting from all angles"
  135. Persephone - "Nice Stiles, little substance"
  136. What The Public Wants - "Tabloid tycoon's tale back by popular demand"
  137. In the Wake - "Bush-era tale tells too much"
  138. Gruesome Playground Injuries - "Pain brings limited gain"
  139. Family Week - "Dysfunctional family circus"
  140. The Whipping Man - "Civil War-era drama goes out on a limb"
  141. The Addams Family - "Broadway's 'The Addams Family' not altogether ooky"
  142. American Idiot - "Green with Frenzy"
  143. A Behanding in Spokane - "Christopher Walken: the best part of A Behanding in Spokane"
  144. Collected Stories - "Wrongs Make A Writer"
  145. Come Fly Away - "Dancers Spin a Frank Story"
  146. Enron - "Joy Ride Amid Fast Cash and Cooked Books"
  147. The Irish...and How They Got That Way - "Celebrating pluck of the Irish"
  148. Everyday Rapture - "Mostly great Scott brings 'Rapture' to the world"
  149. A Behanding in Spokane - "Plenty of Afro-Heat"
  150. Fela(2009) - "Plenty of Afro-Heat"
  151. Three Sisters (2011) - "Siblings All Talk and No Action"
  152. Fences (2010) - "Dramatic home run"
  153. Gabriel - "Nazis Capture Tiny British Isle but Lose the Plot"
  154. After the Revolution - "Don't join this 'Revolution'"
  155. The Kid - "Tender Quest for Paternal Sunshine"
  156. This Wide Night - "Freedom Tests a Bond Formed Behind Bars"
  157. Abraham Lincoln's Big, Gay Dance Party - "Earnest Abe’s party needs a soapbox"
  158. That Face - "More than just an ugly 'Face'"
  159. Wolves - "'Wolves' at the door of the indecipherable"
  160. Trust - "Cast eclipses black comedy"
  161. God of Carnage - "New Cast, Less Carnage"
  162. La Cage Aux Folles - "Rattling 'La Cage'"
  163. Memphis - "Memphis Hits the Right Notes"
  164. Million Dollar Quartet (2010) - "Forming rock without heat"
  165. There Are No More Big Secrets - "'Secrets' out, but play's not worth keeping"
  166. Next Fall - "'Fall' guys worth watching"
  167. Next to Normal - "FUNDA-MENTAL FLAWS"
  168. Promises, Promises - "'Promises' are fulfilled"
  169. The Metal Children - "Out to beat the banned"
  170. Restoration - "Art-loving SWF sks perfect male form"
  171. Sondheim on Sondheim - "Revue's a little disappointing night music"
  172. Bottom of the World - "This sentimental journey is a real trip"
  173. The Forest - "'Forest' lacks fire"
  174. The Glass Menagerie (2010) - "Revived belles ring true"
  175. The Red Shoes - "Fairy tale's all clogged up"
  176. The Divine Sister - "In 'Divine' comedy, this mother's superior"
  177. The Burnt Part Boys - "Son's coal-fired journey a heavy trip"
  178. Looking At Christmas - "Reasons for elf-doubt"
  179. Dusk Rings A Bell - "Old flame not same, but opposites attract us"
  180. Mrs. Warren's Profession - "Doesn't actually work"
  181. Pass the Blutwurst, Bitte - "Stunning Egon trip doesn't paint full picture"
  182. Gatz - "Ambitious 'Gatz' great, but it also grates"
  183. Inner Voices: Solo Musicals - "Inner Voices: Solo Musicals"
  184. Anyone Can Whistle - "It's Got Nuts & Jolts"
  185. The Scottsboro Boys Off-Broadway - "Ugly prejudice, dazzling drama"
  186. Measure for Measure 2010 - "Duke rules 'Measure'"
  187. The Grand Manner - "A love letter to theater: It is so 'Grand'"
  188. Uncle Vanya (2012) - "Slow ‘Vanya’ not vital to Chekhov your list"
  189. West Side Story - "SHARK ATTACK! 'West Side Story' feels pretty...good!"
  190. Little Doc - "There's much too little at play"