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  9. Character Man - "Inhabiting a Mentor and Heroes of the Stage"
  10. Court-Martial at Fort Devens - "Military Injustices Stay Fresh in Memory"
  11. Just Sex - "Allure of Online Browsing Leads Couple to Dalliances"
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  13. Us - "The Politics of Intimacy :Michelle Clunie in ..."
  14. Herman Kline's Midlife Crisis - "So, Doctor, Isn’t There a Pill to Cure Middle-Aged Angst?"
  15. The Philanderer - "Modern Love à la Shaw, From His Life"
  16. Psycho Therapy - "A Game of Musical Couches for a Couple in Treatment"
  17. Be Careful! The Sharks Will Eat You! - "A Boatload of Lore Smuggled From Cuba"
  18. Twelfth Night (2010) - "In Case This Wasn’t Clear, It’s All About the Mattress"
  19. Tales From the Tunnel - "Odors and Oddities of the Underground"