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Claudia La Rocco


  1. Holden - "‘Holden’ Explores the Distance That Killing Requires"
  2. Bambif*cker/Kaffeehaus - "Bambi______/Kaffeehaus’ Mixes Up an Absurdist Linguistic Orgy"
  3. Horse Girls - "Unstable Days at the Stables, as a Youthful O..."
  4. Belfast Blues - "A Child of the ‘Troubles’ of Northern Ire..."
  5. Solitary Light - "A Blaze Hungry for Dreams ‘Solitary Light,..."
  6. Our Town (Green-Wood Cemetery) - "Amid the Tombstones, a Look Back at Life Thor..."
  7. Adoration of the Old Woman - "Torn Between Two Countries, and Two Suitors. ..."
  8. Cirque du Soleil: Amulana - "On This Magical Island, Women Rule ‘Amaluna..."
  9. The Pig, or Vaclav Havel’s Hunt for a Pig - " Theater|Theater Review A Song-and-Dance Surv..."
  10. What We Know - "A Journey Toward Clarity After the Loss of a Partner"
  11. The Tempest: Public Theater - "On a Diverse Island, a Play About a Magical One"
  12. Motel Cherry - "Rooms Where Norman Bates Would Feel at Home"
  13. Give Me Your Hand - "A Tour of Paintings, in Verse"
  14. Stopped Bridge of Dreams - "Pleasure on the Fly"
  15. Leave the Balcony Open - "It’s Hard to Be a College Kid These Days"
  16. Julius by Design - "All Words, Yet at an Impasse of Sorts"
  17. Eternal Equinox - "A Bloomsbury Love Triangle"
  18. The Love Letter You've Been meaning to Write New York - "Just Can’t Say Goodbye to Gotham"
  19. The Escape Artist - "Injured and in the Hospital, but Liberated by Caravaggio"
  20. Under Construction - "Tales From a Hard-Hat Zone: The U.S.A."
  21. The Tempest at HERE Arts - "Whimsical Winds Buffet Hearts on a Magical Isle"
  22. Manipulation - "Trapped in a Room as the World Explodes"
  23. I'm Going To Make A Small Incision Behind Your Ear to Check and See IF You're Actually Human - "Heeding Audience Cues and Ping-Pong Balls"