August 27, 2015

Broadway Star Goes to Prison! So might scream a mock headline for “Whorl Inside a Loop,” a funny and moving new play, starring Sherie Rene Scott, that opened at Second Stage Theater on Thursday. Unlike the rest of the cast, Ms. Scott doesn’t actually wear one of those unflattering orange jumpsuits that have become a pop-culture meme, thanks to a certain Netflix series. No, portraying the Volunteer, as her character is referred to, and not an inmate, Ms. Scott wears street clothes, although she learns on her first visit to the prison that the underwire in her bra will make the metal detector “angry,” as the guard wryly puts it. Written by Dick Scanlan and Ms. Scott, and directed by Michael Mayer and Mr. Scanlan — who all collaborated on “Everyday Rapture,” which began life at Second Stage and later transferred to Broadway — “Whorl Inside a Loop” is another adventure in Ms. Scott’s autobiography, although a considerable amount of fiction has been blended into the telling.