November 18, 2016

Memory is notoriously unreliable, so I am hoping that mine quickly expunges any recollection of “Memory Rings,” an obscure, whimsy-sprinkled dance-theater work about, well, I’m not sure what. Trees, basically, and maybe why we should all hug them before they fall to the forces of human depredation. The production, which can be seen at the Brooklyn Academy of Music through Sunday, comes from the Phantom Limb Company, and is part of a trilogy about “environmental concerns,” according to a program note from Jessica Grindstaff, who conceived the work with Erik Sanko and is credited with direction and design, as well. Mr. Sanko also provided the puppets. Unless you read that note before the show starts, you will probably not know that the production was partly inspired by the legend of Gilgamesh, an ancient king who, according to Sumerian legend, “sets off to achieve eternal renown by slaying the god of the cedar forest.” Who knew cedar forests had gods?