February 17, 2015

The presence, or absence, of a presiding deity may be a question we all ponder from time to time, but it’s a matter of daily significance in Little Children Dream of God, a warm and fanciful drama by Jeff Augustin about a Haitian immigrant trying to forge a new life on the rough streets of Miami. Deirdre O’Connell, an Off Broadway stalwart recently seen on TV’s The Affair, plays the supernaturally maternal Carolyn, mother to 11 children. Their father? None other than God himself, according to Carolyn, who casually tells as much to anyone who asks. (“God may not be good,” she says, referring to his lackluster lovemaking skills, “but he is fertile.”) In the play’s opening scene, Carolyn is standing outside her shabby apartment building in the Overtown neighborhood, calling on her, uh, lover to turn back on the power, which just went out. While waiting there, she spies a lost-looking and very pregnant young woman, Sula (Carra Patterson), who has just floated ashore from Haiti — on a car tire.