October 2, 2016

Important public service announcement: There are no scary clowns in the latest show from Cirque du Soleil, “Kurios,” which is being staged in a grand, old-school big top on Randalls Island. Absence of delightful or, depending on your particular phobias, alarming fellows in whiteface wandering around notwithstanding, the company does essentially go back to basics for its latest show. Of course, for this French Canadian entertainment behemoth — this production is its 35th since 1984 — the basics are elaborate: a dazzling parade of acrobats and gymnasts, jelly-limbed contortionists, singers warbling in indecipherable tongues and sets that swamp those of most Broadway shows. But lately Cirque du Soleil has tried its hand, off and on, at narrative material, notably the current Broadway production “Paramour,” a more or less traditional musical spliced with circus-style entertainments. (I didn’t feel the love.)