November 2, 2016

Two lonely women search for connection online, with unexpected results, in “Kingdom Come,” a low-key but likable new comedy-drama by Jenny Rachel Weiner that opened at the Roundabout Underground on Wednesday. Samantha (Carmen M. Herlihy) and Layne (Crystal Finn) both live in Carson City, Nev., although when they meet on an online dating site, they’ve changed most of the details of their lives. The naïve Layne works in an insurance office and has been goaded into online dating by her co-worker, the sharp and dryly funny Suz (Stephanie Styles). Naturally insecure about, well, just about everything, she decides to say that her name is Courtney and that she is a flight attendant, checking in from points exotic. She also posts someone else’s photo with her profile. But it’s Samantha — who is seriously overweight, rarely leaves her bed and requires a caretaker, Delores (Socorro Santiago) — who is actually practicing the greater deception. She alters her gender and claims to be a pastry chef named Dom, short for Dominick, living in Los Angeles — details she has swiped from the life of Delores’s son. (Why she chooses a male alter ego is an issue the play doesn’t explore: maybe just to be as different from her own unhappy self as possible.)