January 29, 2017

Watching “David’s Friend,” a feisty and funny one-woman show written and performed by Nora Burns, is a bit like sitting down, slightly tipsy, and playing a bunch of your scratched but beloved 45s from the late 1970s and early 1980s on your record player — if you’ve kept yours or joined the blooming back-to-vinyl movement. Although its focus is the story of her fast (in all senses) friendship with the man named in the title, whom she met when they were teenagers in Boston, Ms. Burns’s show, performed only through Feb. 5 at the Club at La MaMa, is also a heady dip into the years when New York night life was at its dizzying, decadent height; when Bianca and Andy and company were thronging Studio 54 and Xenon and Danceteria; when Details was a magazine printed on unglossy paper and filled with, well, details about anything and everybody that was cool.