December 19, 2016

Gerry, the madly chattering fellow who’s the sole character in Drew Droege’s hilarious show “Bright Colors and Bold Patterns” is either your ideal wedding guest or your worst-nightmare wedding guest. On the plus side, he’s so outgoing he can start an animated conversation with a chaise longue. Then again, that unloosed tongue has a way of straying beyond bitchy gossip, the lingua franca of his gay world, into more bitter territory. Not long after he’s arrived in Palm Springs, Calif., for a friend’s wedding, he’s confiding to the first two guests he meets — his ex Dwayne and Dwayne’s younger boyfriend, Mack (who remain unseen) — that the man their friend is marrying has all the personality of an ottoman. And that’s one of the kinder things he has to say. As played with devastatingly funny panache by Mr. Droege himself, Gerry would probably be overwhelming in real life. He’d greet you effusively with a bear hug and seconds later “read you to filth,” as the (gay) saying goes. But at a safe distance onstage, he’s a delight — a slightly exhausting one (10 minutes less would be more), but still a delight.