January 22, 2016

“Huh?” Such is, on occasion, my unhappy reaction upon leaving a show. But in the case of “A Ride on the Irish Cream,” it expressed my befuddlement going in. On the website of the Abrons Arts Center, where this new music-theater piece by Erin Markey is being performed, the précis of the plot describes it as a romance between “a vainglorious self-made girl” and “her family’s pontoon boat/horse.” What’s with that slash? Surely, you can be either a pontoon boat — although I’ve never seen an actor portray one onstage, until now — or you can be a horse. (That’s comparatively old hat.) How on earth can you be both simultaneously? Apparently, in the whimsical imagination of Ms. Markey, who wrote, created and stars in the show as that vainglorious girl, Reagan, all things are possible. Few, unfortunately, are comprehensible in this peculiar hybrid of rock concert, performance-art piece and quasi-musical. (There’s a small chorus line, and a smidgen of acrobatics and choreography.)