October 26, 2007

Do you still hunger, night after night, for pasta with red sauce? Do you find yourself hankering for a turnpike tour of the construction sites, strip bars and McMansions of northern New Jersey? Do you continue to bore friends with musings on the meaning of that pointedly ambiguous visit to the diner? Should you answer any of those questions in the affirmative, you are clearly still suffering from “Sopranos” withdrawal. If constant reimmersion in the DVDs has not cured you, a visit to the Walter Kerr Theater may temporarily salve those cravings for underworld intrigue, Old World sentiment and scary men with silly nicknames. A revival of “A Bronx Tale,” a solo show written by and starring Chazz Palminteri, opened there last night, bringing to Broadway a saga that could be said to have prefigured, in its small way, the Mafia mania reignited by the recently deceased “Sopranos.”