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Rachel Saltz


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  2. Beyond Therapy - "So, Your Shrink Barks Now and Then. She’s a Pro, Right?"
  3. Strawberry & Chocolate - "In Cuba, Ice Cream and Tolerance in a Rainbow of Varieties"
  4. Rangoon - "Loneliness of 7-Eleven for Indian Immigrant"
  5. Pinocchio's Ashes - "No Disney Ending for This Woodworker"
  6. The Book of Everything - "Imagination, Straining Against Joylessness"
  7. Samuel & Alasdair: A Personal History of the Robot War - "Pesky Radio Russians, Defying Marauding Robots"
  8. It Ain't Nothin' But the Blues - "Exploring the Far Reaches and Forms of the Blues"
  9. Rutherford & Son - "The Demanding Father and His Broken Children"
  10. Henry V - "A Kingdom for a Stage, Princes to Act ...and Maybe a Better Hall?"
  11. The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer - "Trading Rats and Making Mischief, All in a Day’s Foolery"
  12. Deep are the Roots - "From G.I. Joe to Jim Crow, a Difficult Homecoming"
  13. Lucia's Chapters of Coming Forth by Day - "Musings About Death, Joyce-Style"
  14. Wuthering Heights, Restless Souls - "A Stormy Romance on the Moors, via the Netherlands"
  15. Under the Cross - "Religion and Family at Odds (With Blacks Playing Jews)"
  16. Tomorrow Morning - "The Night They Called It a Day"
  17. Love Song - "Not Much to Steal but a Heart"
  18. The Shaughraun - "Hiss at the Villain, Cheer the Vagabond"
  19. The Devil's Music: The Life and Blues of Bessie Smith - "A Big Voice Full of Blues, Bawdy and Unapologetic"
  20. Gary the Thief & Plevna: Meditations on Hatred - "In Verse, a Hoodlum’s Rage and War’s Spoils"
  21. The Late Henry Moss - "Dead or Alive, He’s From the Universe of Sam Shepard"
  22. An Error of the Moon - "Redrawing a Picture of Lincoln’s Assassin"
  23. Uncle Tom's Cabin - "Familiar Americana, but Still Full of Life"
  24. The Wife - "Opposites Attract, and React, in a Dark Neighborhood"
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  26. Sweet, Sweet Motherhood - "Imagining Evolution as a Two-Way Street"
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  28. Rachel Saltz - "The Triumph and Pain of a Hollywood Trailblazer"