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Jackson McHenry


  1. Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - "A Sweeney Todd That Leans Into the Great Black Pit"
  2. Bad Cinderella - "If Only Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Bad Cinderella Were Worse"
  3. Bob Fosse's Dancin' - "Dancin’ Slinks Back to Town, Aching to Seduce You"
  4. Parade - "Parade Marches Back In, Intent on Its Own Relevance"
  5. A Doll's House - "Gut-Renovating A Doll’s House With Jessica Chastain"
  6. Pictures From Home - "Pictures From Home, Without the Acute Focus"
  7. The Collaboration - "Two Kings, Not Much Pleasure: The Collaboration"
  8. Between Riverside and Crazy - "King Lear, But Rent Controlled: Between Riverside and Crazy"
  9. Some Like It Hot - "Well, Nobody’s Perfect: Some Like It Hot on Broadway"
  10. Ain't No Mo' - "Ain’t No Mo’ Takes a Jubilantly Unrespect..."
  11. A Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical - "I Am, I Said (I Guess): A Beautiful Noise"
  12. Jackson McHenry - "In & Juliet, Verona Goes Pop!"
  13. Kimberly Akimbo - "Kimberly Akimbo Skates Uptown, Anagrams Intact"
  14. Almost Famous - "Onstage, It’s Almost Almost Famous"
  15. The Piano Lesson - "The Piano Lesson Returns, With Generations of Memory Laid On"