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Mr. Saturday Night

Billy Crystal stars as Buddy Young, Jr., an outrageous and outspoken comedian who found fame in the early days of television! Now, some 40 years after he hit the top, Buddy will take one last shot at reclaiming the spotlight – and his family – one hilarious step at a time. Mr. Saturday Night is the brand-new musical comedy about being a funny man, a family man and getting a second chance at both.

Mrs. Doubtfire

Daniel Hillard, a struggling, out-of-work actor, will do anything for his kids. After losing custody in a messy divorce, he creates the kindly alter ego of Scottish nanny Euphegenia Doubtfire in a desperate attempt to stay in their lives. As his new character takes on a life of its own, Mrs. Doubtfire teaches Daniel more than he bargained for about how to be a father. A hilarious and heartfelt story about holding onto your loved ones against all odds, Mrs. Doubtfire is the musical comedy we need right now — one that proves we’re better together.

Kurt Vonnegut’s God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater

The songs of Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, from “Suddenly, Seymour” to “Under the Sea,” have become part of the American subconscious—but few have heard their first musical, Kurt Vonnegut’s God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater. The 1979 show tells the story of Eliot Rosewater (Santino Fontana), a millionaire who drunkenly decides to blow his fortune on an impoverished town after being inspired by the utopian vision of novelist Kilgore Trout (James Earl Jones). But there are forces who want to put the kibosh on Eliot’s philanthropy—like Norman Mushari (Skylar Astin), a lawyer plotting to have Eliot declared insane. With an irresistible crazy-quilt score that volleys between pop, ragtime, Gilbert & Sullivan, and proto-Disney ballads, God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater deserves to be part of our world again.

Mrs. Smith’s Broadway Cat-Tacular!

Mrs. Smith is a woman on the verge of a cat-based breakdown — in search of her missing cat, Carlyle. To overcome the grief and rage of this “personal apocalypse,” she’s tried psychoanalysis, New Age therapies and, now, mounting a Broadway-style musical spectacular where her bizarre life story is re-enacted in delirious song and dance. With the aid of her dapper Broadway Boys, Mrs. Smith puts her laugh-out-loud spin on the perilous highs and lows of fame, fortune and superstardom.

Mrs. Mayfield’s Fifth-Grade Class of ’93 20-Year Reunion

Mariah MacCarthy (Doric Wilson Independent Playwright Award, NYtheatre.com’s 2012 “Person of the Year”) reunites with director Leta Tremblay (The Foreplay Play) on their site-specific hit Mrs. Mayfield’s Fifth-Grade Class of ’93 20-Year Reunion, this time set in an East Village apartment. Mrs. Mayfield is a rollicking yet compassionate multi-layered look at what happens when a group of former classmates hovering in their 30s reunite for an evening of partying and reminiscing. Immersively staged and intimately drawn, audience party-goers eat chili and drink beer as calamities, revelations, and battles for affection, power and ownership of memories unfold around them. Awesome 90s music and dance breaks included.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Famous scientist Dr. Henry Jekyll craves an escape from the tedious propriety of Victorian life in London, 1888. He invents a formula which changes him into the wild, brutish and animalistic Edward Hyde. With the help of his all knowing Maid and Butler, Dr. Jekyll must keep his dual identity of Hyde a secret as his actions begin to lead him down a bloody path of crime and murder. Adapted from the novella by Robert Louis Stevenson, this theatrical physiological- science- thriller by Noah Smith is full of mystery, suspense and oddly full of heart. With a rich ensemble of characters this full ASL production with a diverse deaf, ASL fluent and hearing voice cast emulate the very nature of duality the play examines! The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde invites us to examine the inhibitions we suppress and perhaps accept the darker side lurking within us all, waiting to be unleashed.

Love, Linda: The Life of Mrs. Cole Porter

Love, Linda tells the story of Linda Lee Thomas, the Southern beauty who married and was a driving force behind legendary songwriter Cole Porter at the dawn of the roaring twenties. Though Cole Porter was gay, their companionship and love lasted through 35 years of marriage and together they lived a spectacular, glamour-filled life.

Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play

What will endure when the cataclysm arrives—when the grid fails, society crumbles, and we’re faced with the task of rebuilding? Anne Washburn’s imaginative dark comedy propels us forward nearly a century, following a new civilization stumbling into its future. A paean to live theater, and to the resilience of Bart Simpson through the ages, Mr. Burns is an animated exploration of how the pop culture of one era might evolve into the mythology of another.

Mr. & Mrs. Fitch

Meet gossip columnists Mr. and Mrs. Fitch. When the social circuit no longer provides juicy morsels, they find that great celebrity can appear out of thin air. This wicked new comedy is a scathing look at who is in, who is out and who may not even exist at all.

Mrs. Warren’s Profession

Tony Award winner Cherry Jones returns to Broadway in George Bernard Shaw’s scorching tour de force! Mrs. Warren’s Profession tells the story of Kitty Warren, a mother who makes a terrible sacrifice for her daughter Vivie’s independence. The clash of these two strong-willed but culturally constrained women is the spark that ignites the ironic wit of one of Shaw’s greatest plays.

The Twilight Zone

Between light and shadow, science and superstition, fear and knowledge is a dimension of imagination. An area we call the Twilight Zone. Adapted by Anne Washburn (Mr Burns) and directed by Olivier Award-winner Richard Jones, this world premiere production of the acclaimed CBS Television Series The Twilight Zone lands on stage for the first time in its history. Or its present. Or its future. Stage magic and fantasy unite as the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Time and the Conways

In 1919 Britain, Mrs. Conway (Downton Abbey’s Elizabeth McGovern) is full of optimism during her daughter’s lavish twenty-first birthday celebration. The Great War is over, wealth is in the air, and the family’s dreams bubble over like champagne. Jump nineteen years into the future, though, and the Conways’ lives have transformed unimaginably.
This time-traveling play by J.B. Priestley (An Inspector Calls) takes place at the crossroads of today and tomorrow—challenging our notions of choice, chance and destiny. Tony nominee Rebecca Taichman (Indecent) directs.

Heartbreak House-Hartford

Heartbreak House is Shaw’s comic and caustic masterpiece about the venerable Captain Shotover, his daughters, one liberal, the other conservative, and a household full of bickering guests in a home that’s like a ship – or a country – charting uncertain waters. When the beautiful but impoverished Ellie Dunn arrives, she gets a lesson in romance, politics, and the art of navigation. Shaw’s most ambitious and prophetic achievement, Heartbreak House is set in England in 1914, but its themes and concerns reach across the twentieth century well into our own age. Other works by Shaw include Pygmalion, Mrs. Warren’s Profession, Saint Joan, Major Barbara and Arms and the Man.

Georgie: My Adventures with George Rose

In Georgie: My Adventures with George Rose, Ed Dixon recounts his own tale of how he came to know and admire two-time Tony® Award-winning character actor George Rose (The Mystery of Edwin Drood, My Fair Lady, The Pirates of Penzance) over a twenty-year friendship until the unimaginable changed everything. Georgie: My Adventures with George Rose, directed by Eric Schaeffer, received its world premiere at The Signature Theatre in Arlington, Virginia, in January 2016. This roller coaster ride of a show captured audiences in Washington like none other, and the critics raved: “A stunner! He tells juicy stories with impish delight,” said The Washington Post, while DC Metro Theatre Arts simply stated, “Deeply profound. A delightful story about a great actor and a flawed human being. It will linger with you after the lights go up…I will never forget it!” DC Theatre Scene declared “FIVE STARS!…See the hilarious and riveting Georgie to laugh until you cry and cry until you laugh.” BroadwayWorld Washington exclaimed, “Dixon’s talent is remarkable. A powerful and passionate production.” and The New York Times stated, “Mr. Dixon morphed from one character to another, delivering incisive impersonations and well-timed punch lines.”

All the Ways to Say I Love You

Mrs. Johnson is a high school English teacher and guidance counselor in a loving marriage. As she recounts her experiences with a favored student from her past, Mrs. Johnson slowly reveals the truth that is hidden just beneath the surface details of her life. All The Ways To Say I Love You is a solo play about love, hard choices, and the cost of fulfilling an all-consuming desire.

The Present

Cate Blanchett and Richard Roxburgh succumb to the intoxicating power of lust and obsession in the Sydney Theatre Company’s production of The Present, coming to Broadway for 13 weeks only. A new adaptation of Anton Chekhov’s first play, most commonly referred to as Platonov, The Present unfolds over the course of a raucous weekend birthday celebration in the Russian countryside. Old flames ignite in this passionate and bitingly comic play. Performed by thirteen of Australia’s finest actors, The Present is adapted by Andrew Upton, who – with Ms. Blanchett – led Sydney Theatre Company in an acclaimed five-year tenure responsible for such watershed productions as A Streetcar Named Desire (BAM, 2009) and Uncle Vanya (Lincoln Center Festival, 2012). John Crowley (Fox Searchlight’s Brooklyn) directs. This strictly limited engagement marks the Broadway debuts of both Ms. Blanchett and Mr. Roxburgh.


“Pericles” tells a surging adventure story—a hero wanders Odysseus-like through the world of the Mediterranean—and climaxes with events that are seemingly miraculous. An original score composed by Tony-nominated Shaun Davey helps convey the mystery and magic of this tale of redemption, reconciliation, and forgiveness. The acclaimed story-teller musicians of PigPen Theatre Co. lend their voices and instrumentation to the production, playing Mr. Davey’s score and performing various roles throughout.


Following his revelatory production of Ingmar Bergman’s “Scenes from a Marriage,” the internationally acclaimed director Ivo van Hove returns to New York Theatre Workshop with a new production, “Lazarus,” by David Bowie and Enda Walsh. Mr. Walsh makes his return to NYTW after the successful run of Once. “Lazarus” features songs specially composed for this production by Mr. Bowie as well as new arrangements of previously recorded songs. Lazarus, inspired by the 1963 novel “The Man Who Fell to Earth” by Walter Tevis, centers on the character of Thomas Newton, famously portrayed by Mr. Bowie in the 1976 screen adaptation directed by Nicolas Roeg.

Fondly, Collette Richland

While eating a quiet dinner at home, Mr. and Mrs. “Fritz” Fitzhubert (along with an uninvited guest) are summoned through a mysterious tiny door in their living room. On the other side, they find themselves in a phantasmagorical Alpen hotel where forgotten religions seep in through the cracks in the walls. Lost relatives, conniving employees, and chatty society ladies awaken their mysterious ancient selves and lead them on perilous hikes that will leave their lives forever altered.

Iphigenia in Aulis

As part of CSC’s inaugural Greek Festival, playwright Anne Washburn (Mr. Burns, a post-electric play) and director Rachel Chavkin (Natasha, Pierre & the Great Comet of 1812) team up in this dynamic imagining of Euripides’ rarely-seen final play. Featuring new music by Indie Rock duo The Bengsons and choreography by Sonya Tayeh (“So You Think You Can Dance”), this electric rendering of an ancient story returns us to a world where a father is challenged to sacrifice his daughter to appease the gods.