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Jason Zinoman


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  10. Poor Baby Bree in I Am Going to Run Away - "Goodbye, Cruel World, I’m Joining the Circus"
  11. Ghost Brothers of Darkland County - "These Ghosts Are Singing With a Southern Twang"
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  14. The Wood - "Requiem for a New York Newsman"
  15. The Little Prince - "That Odd Boy and the Pilot, Still Together in the Desert"
  16. Lidless - "Trembling Before the Turmoil of the Past"
  17. Yosemite - "Nature and Death Have a Family Shivering and Bickering"
  18. Ionescopade - "Who Knew? That Ionesco Sure Is a Funny Guy"
  19. Bad Kid - "Growing Up Gay, Goth and Generous"
  20. The Inexplicable Redemption of Agent G - "It’s All About the Playwright"
  21. A Map of Virtue - "A Bird’s-Eye View of Both Romance and Horror"
  22. Evelyn - "Like a Cocktail Waiting to Be Stirred"
  23. All Hands - "It Probably Helps to Know the Secret Handshake"
  24. In the Pony Palace/Football - "Gender Blitz on a High School Gridiron"
  25. The Method Gun - "Stell-aaa! Where Are You? And Where’s Your Sister?"
  26. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn - "Melting-Pot Musical With One Foot in Comedy, One in Tragedy"
  27. Benefactors - "Discord Among the Best of Married Friends"
  28. The Tragical Life of Cheeseboy - "An Orphan’s Adventures, Ripe for the Telling"
  29. Our Lot - "When What’s Left of a Man Is Found in His Collections"
  30. Illuscination - "A Big-Top Summer on the Boardwalk"
  31. The Zero Hour - "Hitler Youth Alumni and the No. 7 Train"
  32. Red Over Red - "Sometimes, the In-Flight Movie Feels Extra Creepy"
  33. Wolves - "After Peter and the Wolf Comes Everyone and the Wolf"
  34. There Are No More Big Secrets - "Seeking Clarity and Truth at a Drunken Reunion"
  35. Being Sellers - "Funny Man Finds Himself in Unfunny Circumstances"
  36. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? - "A Test for Humanity in a Postapocalyptic World"
  37. Lay of the Land - "Performance Artist Returns to His Old Stomping Grounds"
  38. Let Them Eat Cake - "Downtown Stalwarts Flock to a Gay Wedding"
  39. Hysteria and If That's All There Is - "The Ordinary Can Pave the Road to Insanity"
  40. Mummenschanz - "In a Sophisticated Showbiz World, Simple Mime..."
  41. The Misanthrope - "Pity Molière’s Poor Sap, Falling for All That He Despises"
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  44. Jason Zinoman - "He’s Telling You This for the Last Time"
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  47. Jackie Mason - "He’s Telling You This for the Last Time"
  48. Zero Hour - "That Bellow, That Beard: An Actor’s Life and Hair"
  49. Phantom Of The Opera - "Old and Ghostly but Still a Hoot"
  50. altar boyz - "Revisiting Those Hunks of Faith Tempted in Manhattan"
  51. Blue Man Group - "Music and Marshmallows, in Sync"
  52. Jason Zinoman - "Still Kicking After 18 Years of Homicide"
  53. Stomp - "The Blue, and the Percussive, Still Attracting Crowds"